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What remains of the Trump/Foxconn boondoggle in Wisconsin

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On 5/10/2024 at 9:55 PM, Andy1 said:

Micron is going to be huge in Syracuse and wouldn’t have happened without Biden’s Chips act.


As far as complaining about giving away money, just research how much the government has given to the fossil fuel industry or agriculture. Computer chips are just as important in today’s world. Otherwise we will continue to depend on Taiwan who face an uncertain future given the threat from China. 


It was and is corporate greed plain and simple that took Western supply chains and made them a one-way street from China.


A bit late, but our government is finally recognizing the security risks inherent in having everything supplied from a nation that could turn hostile or simply not want to abide by international norms (think 9 dash line).


Kind of a "duh" moment. Think if you went to war and could not even put clothes on your soldiers or have parts that you need because you simply do not have a friendly nation to supply them.


You can kind of see that play out when the world tries to get Russia to behave via embargos yet China, Iran, and North Korea keep them supplied with weapons.


So you know where China stands in regards to keeping the peace and respecting existing borders and folks having the right of self determination and voting for their representatives. They don't and who knows if they ever will play by those rules.


There is a lot of push to de-risk US supply chains and in that regard Covid was a needed disrupter and wake up call.


Re: the oil industry. They have been dragging down innovation for far too long. China cornered the rare earth market and is pedal to the metal pushing to be the lead on EVs and we are finally racing to catch up.


Authoritarian regimes with centralized power can ramp up quickly with the control government has over their business sectors. That cuts both ways, as they can go all in on the wrong direction too.


I will always bet on US ingenuity and entreprenual spirit, but we the people have been governed too long with partisan poop-throwing monkeys.


They are not exactly an agile bunch.









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