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Dawkins in Sports Illustrated - How NFL Players Are Handling the League's Intensive Protocols for COVID-19

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Article is on many things including opinion on Dobbs with Dawkins.


Your home office setup is key.


“From learning your entire life in a classroom—from elementary school to middle school to high school to college to college ball and the NFL—to having to do everything through an iPad, it was just like, ‘Whoa, this is different, this is gonna take a second to get used to,’” he said. “We adjusted quickly, but it was drastic at first. … I’d lock myself in the office space, so the only thing I could hear is [the coach]. And that was still hard, having a baby, you could still hear the baby crying and normal life going on, a door away instead of a drive away.”



House rules


keeping his off-site contact to those living with him, his girlfriend and daughter. But he’s made some exceptions, with a pretty significant caveat. He’s actually set up his very own pre-screening process for family. “Get yourself a COVID test, isolate, then come on over,” he explained, then adding, “Thanksgiving is gonna be the first time I’ve seen my mom since the offseason.”


The guys are used to masks, but some things are still weird. 


It’s also harder to breathe, Dawkins said, and gets sticky and wet, and, in his words, “Literally, you’re fighting a whole new method of playing ball from what you’ve been playing your entire life.” Another thing that’s weird: Wearing masks on the sideline, which will be mandated starting this weekend for everyone not in between the white lines. 



Finding a way to keep your head about you.


“It changes your process,” Dawkins added. “Guys find their own soothing tools. Football is high-intensity all the time. You have coaches yelling, you have people that are unhappy, you have to deal with different emotions every day, whether they’re happy, sad, mad, if we lost, if we won, there’s different ways of deal with things. Some guys bowl, some guys go to the movies, some guys shop, some guys go and get massages, some guys do different things.


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