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Why Mark Andrew's will be the #1 dynasty TE after 2020

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Hey guys thought I'd share some info on Mark Andrew's and his possible future outlook

I posted this on twitter but thought it would also be deserving in the forums
https://mobile.twitter.com/dynastylife_ ... 9271475200

Did you know that Mark Andrew's ranked 39th for all tight ends in the % of total team snap counts in 2019?

Yes. 39th. With a total team share of just 41.5%

Kelce was #1 with a 92.6% share
Waller #2 with 90.6%
Ertz # 3 with 80.5%
Kittle #6 with 75%

In 2019 here were Andrews final fantasy points scoring for tight ends

#2 TE in standard format ahead of Kittle, but behind Kelce
#4 TE in half PPR behind Kelce, Kittle, and Waller.
#5 TE in full PPR behind those three and Ertz.

We know that Hayden Hurst and his 41.4 % of total team snap contain 2019 when he left Baltimore

Is M Andrew's going to gobble all of those snaps up? Unlikely. Even if he was given half, Andrews would only have finished #20 in 2019 for TE total team snap counts.

Let's say Andrew's is given 1/2 Haydens snaps so about 60% of the total team snap counts. If we use his 2019 fantasy points per target, and his overall points along with increase in snap total count by our estimated 20%, he would have finished as the #1 TE

With that data we can conservatively guess that Andrew's would have finished with an avg of 17.5 fantasy points per game in 2019 in 1/2 PPR. Easily surpassing both Kelce and Kittle who avg 12.9 fantasy points per game.

Andrew's is entering his 3rd NFL season and is only 23 years old. Kittle (26), and Kelce (30) y/o.

Andrew's is also tied to Lamar Jackson for the foreseeable future and appears to be the #1 passing target in Baltimore. Buy Mark Andrews. NOW!

We aren't taking into account whatever scheme and personelle additions and subtractions. We are basing everything off how each tight end finished in 2019 and using some data to take a conservative guess on the future. I hope you enjoyed this thread.
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