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My update

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So I'm happy to report that since 1/31/2019 I have met my initial goal of losing the weight I gained last spring after being involved in an automobile accident and suffering a head injury.  Just in time for St Paddy's Day I have lost 17 lbs to date in about 5 1/2 weeks.   Just gave away 2 pairs of jeans and am back in the pants I was wearing last year.


I kept it up through a planned surgery for my elderly mom and through her emergency surgery 4 days later.  The hospital cafeteria actually made it easy with placards posting nutrition information by every dish.

This past weekend also concludes a month of "(minimal) added sugar" for me, the exception being a couple servings of homemade crustless pumpkin pie and a small quantity of sugar added to homemade viniagrette dressings.  Other than that just fruit in moderation.

While we've cut way down on restaurant meals, we have eaten at restaurants 3x and twice at a friend's house and was able to do pretty well there too.


Anyone got any questions, ask.



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