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  1. Proud to be a member of a website home to some of the most brilliant, funny, charismatic, friendly, energetic, enthusiastic, complex, thorough, hilarious, genuine, consistent, confused, irritating, impatient, opinionated, ignorant, confusing,poor-grammar-having, one-track-minded, conceited, arrogant, and passionate Buffalo Bills fans in the WORLD.  This is hands down the best message board, Buffalo Bills forum there is.  I've been a member here since 2005 and couldn't imagine belonging to any other site to get my daily fix of Bills football talk.  During the offseason I don't even go to the ESPNs, the Buffalo News, the Rochester D & C for info on my Bills.  I come right here.  And you know what?  I get MORE information.  I get MORE rumors.  I get more speculation.  i get more everything here than ANY of the other major websites.  Do you know why?  TBD has the most dedicated fans.  TBD has the most well-informed fans.  TBD has the most former "football player" fans.  TBD has the most 'insider" fans.   So it is rare that i go to anywhere else to get the info that i need on my Bills.  Truth be told, if I'm out with my family or friends, and i see the ESPN bottom line scrolling on some TV, and i see news about my Bills....either I've already heard it, or this happened prior to the year 2012.  ALL JOKES ASIDE. 

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