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  1. 23 hours ago, BADOLBILZ said:

    Getting to that point where we are getting full 7 round mocks now https://www.espn.com/nfl/insider/draft2023/insider/story/_/id/35958143/2023-nfl-mock-draft-jordan-reid-seven-round-predictions-259-picks:


    Bills choices for those without ESPN+:


    1. Drew Sanders  LB (Arkansas)

    2. Keion White  DE (GA Tech)

    3.  Byron Young DT (Alabama)

    4.  Jonathon Mingo WR (Ole Miss)

    5.  Christopher Smith S (Georgia)

    6.   John Ojukwu OT (Boise)

    I don’t follow college ball enough to know anything about these guys but I do know this place would have a full meltdown if they go defense first three rounds.  

  2. 5 hours ago, Limeaid said:


    Nothing like Stevie Johnson.  Stevie would burn CBs and sank Revis Island because he would adjust routes doing what he needed to get to points rather than run conventional routes.  He developed synchrony with Ryan Fitzpatrick when both were backups and Fitzpatrick understood route adjustments he would make.

    He had 3 1000 yard consecutive seasons doing that.  Andre Reed made comments on what an fantastic adaptive WR he was. 


    I had discussion with Andre Reed and Charlie Taylor (bless his soul) about Stevie at our tailgate,







    Wide Receiver











    Allen Robinson












    What?  Stevie was so “creative”because he was aloud to run around until he got open.  He was so creative he was out the league two years after we got rid of him.  

    good dude and decent player 

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  3. 10 hours ago, LABILLBACKER said:

    I'm 100% down for Benford taking over Poyer's position and I'm sure there will be some growing pains. But it's probably a guarantee that this will be Micah's last season. Somewhere in the draft (hopefully not in the first 3 rounds) McD is grabbing a safety. 

    Do we know for sure Micah is coming back?  Between his cap hit and neck injury is there a chance he’s cut?  I hate to think about no Poyer or Hyde but that Hyde injury reminds me of Aaron Williams injury years back. Neck injuries can change everything 

  4. 4 hours ago, BrooklynBills said:

    Wanted to do a mock offseason but realizing that the Salary Cap portion is kind of a thread all on its own.  I know its been discussed here but I don't think I've seen anything where the money and decisions are really broken down with the corresponding numbers.  Obviously, this won't be everyone's kind of thread as i realize that some people just don't take that big of interest into the inner roster workings and cap crunching.  Would love to get some feedback though on what others think of some of these decisions and some of the different cap saving routes we could go.


    Initial Cap Space: -16.8 million


    Step 1: Creating Cap Space (easy moves)

    -Restructure Josh Allen => creates 21.5 million in cap space

    -Restructure Von Miller => creates 10.8 million in cap space

    -Cut Nyheim Hines => creates 4.8 million in cap space

    -Cut Isaiah McKenzie => creates 2.6 million in cap space

    -Cut Siran Neal => creates 2.2 million in cap space


    These moves are no brainers IMO and would give the Bills roughly $25 million in cap space heading into the offseason.  The rookie pool will account for roughly $7 million.  So the Bills will effectively have $18 million in cap space for FA contracts and re-signings after these moves.  Josh Allen's deal is structured for us to restructure it several times before we extend him again and if it reaches a point where we are afraid to restructure it because his play has dropped off or because of injury then we are screwed in that short term and will just need to eat it. Von's deal seems to be structured for him to do a planned restructure this offseason.  Cutting Hines sucks because I like the player but paying a backup RB almost $5 mil on the cap is just terrible roster management.  I wouldn't be opposed to doing a small extension that could lower his cap hit some but realistically I don't think it makes sense.  McKenzie and Neal are backups who are just paid too much considering how much playing time we want them to get moving forward.


    Step 2: Creating more Cap Space (harder decisions) - players who I don't think should play on these cap numbers next year

    -Mitch Morse at 11.6 => I think with the way his contract is structured initially this coming season would be his last with the Bills.  Next year, they can get out the contract with real minimal dead money.  But I don't know if it's justifiable to pay him over $11 mil on the cap next year simply due to his overall play.  He is paid as a top 10 C and I don't think his overall play is there at all.  Not to mention that we have a very capable C in waiting in Ryan Bates.  Cutting Morse would save the Bills $5.3 million.  Morse has $0 GTD this year or next with cap hits of over $11 mil and base salaries of $6.6 and $6.8 so I wonder if there is a good chance here to work on a salary reduction that gives him money this year and lowers that 11 mil hit to something more manageable.  Either way, I'm trying to save at least $3-$5 mil on the cap by cutting him or working out a salary reduction. Lets just split the difference and say we save $4 mil.


    -Ed Oliver at 10.7 and Tim Settle at 4.9 => The interior of the Bills DL was a big let down last season.  Daquon Jones was the only player that I felt was having a solid season.  Oliver was streaky and he has periods where he is just invisible.  Settle was a disappointment. Bills are locked in to $10.7 GTD for Oliver this year.  I don't think a trade is going to make any sense for another team given that Oliver's full salary is GTD. Maybe the best thing here is to extend Oliver with a reasonable out in two years.  Try to take your lumps in the future when the cap hopefully rises and you can better absorb some dead money. Or you get lucky and he takes a step and you have him signed to a reasonable deal.  Just don't think he play on that cap number. Settle isn't signed after next year and I think I'd just cut him and save the 2.2 mil.

    I'd extend Oliver at 4yrs, 44 million, giving him a 13 mi signing and GTD his year 1 salary and a portion of year 2.  Total GTD $: 17.9

    Signing bonus: 13 million

    Year 1 cap: 5.15

    Year 2 cap: 8.25

    Year 3 cap: 14.25 (can cut him before this season saving 7.75m)

    Year 4 cap: 16.75


    Cap Savings from Morse cut or salary reduction: calling it $4 mil 

    Cap Savings from Oliver extension: 5.55 mil

    Cap Savings from Settle release: 2.2 mil

    Total effective cap room: roughly $29-30 million


    Step 3: Dion Dawkins and Matt Milano

    So I've lumped these two guys together because they are both 29 and have been consistent performers.  They are both effectively signed for two more years and I think both are likely candidates for small extensions in a year or two.  As such, it could also be beneficial to restructure their deals and buy some more cap room.  Especially if there are plans to extend them moving forward.  For now, I will just leave it as a thought, but the Bills can save roughly $6 mil on a Dawkins re-structure and another 6.5 on a Milano re-structure.  I think you would only do this if there was a strong plan to extend these guys moving forward though.


    Anyway, would love hear some opinions on some of these decisions.  Nothing really seems too out of left field IMO.


    Will try to put together something for Free Agency with regards to the salary cap in a few days.




    Nice write up. I can see Oliver getting traded imo.  He’s the only one that has potential trade value on the dline that can free up decent money by moving.  Epenesa I can see getting traded for a late round pick as well.  We are stuck we Millers contract so hopefully he’s back to 100% by mid year.  I think we’re going to see a very new defense next year which is why I thought it would make sense to bring in a new coordinator.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see some big names traded from the defense.  

  5. 2 hours ago, Success said:

    I thought it might be interesting to put our loathing aside and really analyze how they pulled it off.  What they did is what I want the Bills to do - dominate for many years, and as long as they have Allen at QB.


    They didn't have the ebb & flow that a team normally has, even w/ a top QB.  Their window was wide open for most of those 17 years. They made 9 SB's, and probably should have made 1-2 more.  My own thoughts:


    1) Obviously, Brady took less pay so the team could afford better players.  I still don't see that being as impactful as it's made out to be - he was still paid a lot.

    2) Aging vet stars took pay cuts just to play w/ Brady. Will we see that w/ Allen?

    3) The Patriots made very few investments in bigtime skill players.  Moss was the exception, not the rule.

    4) One of the hallmarks of Belichick was letting players walk before they started to decline.  Almost exactly what we're looking at w/ Poyer.

    5) Their biggest priority, year after year, was making sure the O-line was strong.  That's just what you do when you have a top QB.


    Still, the run is somewhat mystifying.  Belichick was not a great drafter, which is usually needed once a QB gets past the rookie contract.  Superior coaching clearly played a part. I think BB got the best out of his players (which is something we aren't doing right now - we see players leave the Bills and perform better than they did here).



    Belichick never hesitated to trade guys for maximum value.  Chandler Jones was one that comes to mind.  Great player, they weren’t going to be able to pay him so they dealt him for a first. Our staff seems so loyal to guys that’ll they hold on to them instead of letting young guys get reps and getting something in return.  

    also Brady always had a top tier slot guy and good tight ends his whole career.  Welker, Edelman, Amandola, Troy Brown etc.  

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  6. I broke down and bought madden a few weeks back, it’s still dog**** fyi. Anywho my first Franchise, Brady played til he was 49 with the Raiders and won 8 rings.  ***** him in real life and in the matrix.  Now he can get back to licking the back of his kids neck or whatever the ***** he does on instagram. ✌️

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  7. 16 hours ago, Buffalo716 said:

    It’s not sad or poetic


    Do you know how many people would  kill to play for 15 NFL teams?


    The dude understand what it takes to be a back up quarterback in the NFL… Most backups don’t

    It really has become a position that your ego gets checked at the door.  With the emphasis on protecting qbs most backups act as an extension of the coaching staff and moral support for the starter.  Except for Love in GB there aren’t many backup qbs that are being groomed to take over the spot

  8. He’s one of dem der water bugs Gailey always wanted.  It would have been a lot too give up but I think at the price we would of paid to acquire him plus the salary the staff would be kinda forced to utilize him.  I know our line sucks but there’s a reason we’ve been linked to so many scat backs the last few years. Josh having a stud to dump it off too when nothings open downfield is lethal.  It works in Madden so it’s gotta work inreal life too right?

  9. 1 hour ago, Utah John said:

    The NFL has this strange procedure for calling delay of game penalties when the play clock expires.  Sometimes it seems a QB will have a full extra second, but not always. 


    With all the high-resolution technology available for almost everything else, why use this subjective approach?  When the play clock expires, sound a horn (like in basketball) and have lights on the sidelines go on, so no one can mistake when the snap is late. This seems like a very easy, and fair, way to go.  

    My god it so simple but it solves everything.  Good idea, I don’t understand how it’s not already a thing.

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  10. Morse has been solid imo but I reallyI thought he was going to retire two concussions ago.   I hope we draft or sign Mitch’s replacement and he goes and lives his best life outside of football for his family’s sake. On a side note I met Eric Wood in the parking lot at MetLife last season.  I was pretty inebriated but i remember him being super nice to the family and myself, shame what the injures did to his career. 

  11. 3 hours ago, JerseyBills said:

    Everytime he blitzes,  which is rare, I feel Edmunds gets home or impacts the QB in a positive way for the D.


    Would love to see him be used in a more versatile role 


    He gets blown up by running backs often.  Milano brings the heat when he blitz’s.  Tremaine plays patty cakes.  If we could put Milano instincts and play style in Tremaines body you’d have the perfect linebacker 

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  12. 18 minutes ago, Norcalbillsfan said:

    Thank you, I truly pray for the day when bills fans realize when the are being trolled on purpose. 


    If you want to be trending on social media in the nfl do you say something nice about someone? No you go after the most fiery fan bases in the nfl and insult them, and you EXPLODE on social media. Who's trending on Twitter? Apple. Why? Because BILLS FANS get mad and tweet back and retweet and tag him. He's trolling and bills fans are making him more famous.


    Do people really think nick Wright hates the bills? Hell no, he probably never really cared about the Bills, but he made one comment about josh allen and he was trending on Twitter for days because of upset bills fans. Insulting josh Allen and pissing off bills mafia was the best move of his career. Now he literally makes more money and gets his own stupid segments from his network every time the bills lose. All because bills fans fall for it.

    Yuuuupppp.   It’s all about the clicks and we fall for it every time 

  13. 36 minutes ago, Returntoglory said:

    I saw a glaring lack of team leadership yesterday.

    Was Von on the sidelines?

    We were completely lost.

    Who are the "leaders" on this team and did they step up??

    Haven’t had one on the defensive side of the ball besides Poyer maybe for five years.  This team folds when another team stands up and punches us in the mouth. It’s a reflection of McDermott and Frazier

  14. Call me crazy but I could see Pegula firing Beane and keeping McDermott.  Sean was here before Brandon and Beane hasn’t been all that great with the picks he’s used on the defensive side of the ball. We went all in with the Von contract and that is gonna hurt us next year.  

    Beane and Frazier out.  Dorsey stays imo especially if we lose Joe Brady.  McDermott is too close and has done too much for Terry to can him, for better or for worse.

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