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  1. On 5/25/2024 at 10:31 PM, Billl said:

    The USC QBs who have flamed out have all been golden boys.  Caleb’s not in that mold.

    I agree that the USC qbs have all been golden boys, but I don’t remember any of them running to cry on mommas shoulder and wearing nail polish.  He seems like the biggest diva of them all.  

  2. 1 minute ago, pennstate10 said:

    Literally the opposite of Edmunds. 
    Edmunds was super athletic, RAS score of 9.5, but played worse than his athleticism. 
    Coleman is not super athletic,but plays better than his athletic traits would suggest. 

    But Edmunds was 15 years old when he was drafted.  How old is Coleman?

  3. 1 hour ago, BillsFan4 said:

    I am definitely planning on checking it out. I watched the preview and it looked interesting. I’m a big fan of the fallout series games. I think the fallout universe has enough potential to be a great TV series if done right. “The wasteland” in the games is such an interesting place filled with so many interesting characters, storylines and lots of dark humor.

    I just finished episode 8.  I thought it was great.  They definitely kept true to the game and exceeded my expectations big time. Highly recommend it. 

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  4. 7 minutes ago, Buffalo_Stampede said:

    We laugh but Miami is set at QB and can build around him. They will compete for the AFC every year with Tua.

    Sure they can compete with him but you could say that about a lot of guys with the talent at the skill positions they have.  IMO they’d be more dangerous with a Kirk Cousins or someone else that can push the ball down field.  

    I think Tua is a top notch human but he has some serious limitations as a quarterback.  He’s shown limited arm strength and struggles dearly when his first read isn’t open.  That’s not a guy you pay top dollar for.  

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  5. 12 hours ago, HardyBoy said:


    JP should have been a franchise QB, that coaching staff and organization ruined him...please don't lump him in with EJ, he was significantly better physically and mentally at the position.


    Still bums me out how badly they wasted JP and if he came into the league now, in the right spot, I think he would be elite (not right spot in terms of having the right players or system around him, but a genuine support system that knew how to coach him...he reminds me of Josh Allen a lot honestly in a lot of ways


    man I remember thinking the same thing.  Thought that he was a stud during the chiefs game in Buffalo which they have the highlights of in the first minute here.  That Lee Evans touchdown where the security guard broke his leg happened right in front of us.  His deep ball was a thing of beauty and he had the skill set to be something imo.    

  6. 31 minutes ago, TrentEdwardsCheckDownOn4th said:

    Jason is more mature than Travis because he's been through more in his life with raising a family and all. But in general they both seem like good people, Travis Just enjoying the kid free life. 

    It’s not that he’s living the kid free life that bothers he just seems like a douche.  I’ve watched their podcast a few times and his personality just irks me.  Probably me just being a grumpy old man but he just seems to try so hard to be cool and it comes off as fake imo.  

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  7. 7 minutes ago, TheFunPolice said:

    Saw this and thought it was cool: 




    Josh Allen, Bills fans, the team, and the city are well respected and loved throughout the league. We have something special here that not every team/fanbase has. 



    I’m a big fan of Jason.  Travis on the other hand I can’t stand, and that goes back to before the Swiftie saga.  Jason seems like a good dad and his wife seems like a really good person.  

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  8. 1 hour ago, Success said:

    Another guy who just needed some time.


    Seems to be a theme w/ a lot of the Bills' younger players.


    We sure love drafting big physical freaks and when they are coached right and allowed to develop it’s great.  Hopefully Groot takes a big leap next year too.  

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  9. 10 minutes ago, Special K said:


    I just can’t do it....I don’t like the Ravens, and I REALLY hate the Chefs....not to mention the fact that the Bills should be playing in this game, and I don’t need to be reminded that they are not.


    I am definitely watching the NFC Championship and the Superb Owl, but I’m sitting this one out.


    Who’s with me??

    My football season ends with the Bills season.  I might catch some of the Super Bowl if I have a gathering to go too but I typically have zero interest outside of buffalos season.  

  10. Feeling oddly calm.  Ready for heartbreak but feeling like the squad knows what they need to do injuries be damned.  Poyer and Hydes last home game most likely.  Josh’s legacy game. Cook, Kincaid and Shakir’s first playoff game against the Chiefs.   Proud how the boys have rebounded this year but feels like they are gong to do everything in their power to bring it home.  

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