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  1. Just shows you have incredible White is to this defense. DE, LB, and a CB should be very high on our lists next draft or FA.
  2. We were spoiled with amazing talent like Bruce Smith. I’d run through a wall right now if we had someone of his talents on this D.
  3. I wish we had Bruce Smith, but I’d settle for a Justin Houston.
  4. He’s to slow and has no bend. He can get to the QB, but it isn’t consistent enough. A super bowl team needs at least 1 power rusher that can take over games to disrupt the flow. We don’t have that and have to rely on White all the time to cover for what seems to be eons.
  5. He is. He may be able to get a few hurries, but he isn’t physical enough to take on double teams. Gets pancaked often. Aaron Donald is the only small dude that can take on the world.
  6. Singletary isn’t the issue though. He proved himself last year. Our run blocking has taken 4 steps backwards this year.
  7. Our Oline can pass protect with the best of them, but like others have said, they can’t run block for nothing.
  8. Ed Oliver and AJ Ep are huge liabilities on defense. Quite frankly a disappointment. Edmunds is good, but it’s clearly he is hurt. Milano is undervalued and was missed, he makes plays everywhere. We need a Bruce and LBs.
  9. If this defense can’t even stop Tanny they sure won’t be able to stop Mahomes. It’s going to be a clown show.
  10. Our defense is highly over rated. Need a ton of LBs and a DE that can actually pass rush. Times like this I wish we had Bruce.
  11. The math still works out to be in the 80-90 yard range. It’s impressive. Allen should just do a throw off with Mahomes.
  12. Not trying to be an as* , just wanted to get correct information. Thanks for clarifying.
  13. How could Young throw for 598? The record is just over 550.
  14. 500 is such a hard accomplishment, only 18 QBs have ever done it.
  15. 48- 21. Allen’s best game of his career with 5 TDs and 400 yards passing.
  16. So much talk about crowning. Just show me the baby.
  17. It’s not a bills game unless someone is passed out in the piss trough.
  18. Even 19-0 isn’t enough. I want to see 63-0 scores all season, pure domination. There is always something you can improve, never settle.
  19. If you aren’t winning, you are a loser. The goal is to bring home a Lombardi. Anything short of that is a disappointment. 19-0 is the ultimate goal.
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