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  1. 21 hours ago, Ethan in Cleveland said:

    I'm a McDermott skeptic but the Floyd signing made me think of how well the culture has been maintained year over year even with these one year rentals. 

    McD has done a real solid job of building a culture that allows these guys to quickly acclimate to the club, produce, and for the most part not be a negative influence. 

    With the notable exceptions of Benjamin and the CB that quit at halftime, I don’t think there is another guy that was brought in and caused any issues. Don't know the whole story on Spain year 2 but that was quickly handled. 

    He has done it in a variety of ways too. He let Kyle Williams be the elder leader while Josh matured. He then let Josh lead, only to bring in Miller at a later time and let him take some of that burden too. The whole time he also has Morse as a reliable steady veteran influence in the background. 

    No doubt Beane has some role in this as well selecting guys that should be a good fit, but this is where McDermott has been exceptional. 



    It's a win NOW mentality, and if a certain one year player turns out to be a major factor, they'd be considered for an extension.


    What is SO great is that players who are free agents right now all WANT to be in Buffalo to be part of a serious superbowl push.   Especially the older vets with something left in the tank.  


    Not sure if Hopkins is affordable after the Oliver and Floyd signings, but there's another example of a solid vet who wants a potential ring with Buffalo.  There's no reason why Buffalo can't be the next great "dynasty team", like we saw with New England.  That team just knew how to keep it going year in and year out.  The Bills can too.....  with smart cap management, and the right FA acquisitions.  Draft is important too, but IMO not much of a factor in New England during the dynasty years.  Personally I think we've had better drafts comparatively.

  2. Hello Bills fans on the best community forum around.  I just wanted to send a shout out to everyone here who made this offseason WAY more interesting and fun.  I learn a LOT here, talking with all of you and consider you my "cyber Bills mafia family".


    SO much fun dropping by to see what's new and honestly it's hardly even worthwhile looking for Bills news elsewhere because chances are, there will be a THREAD dedicated to that information before I could even find it somewhere else.


    Free Agency was a blast.


    The weeks leading up to the draft were a blast.


    Draft day was so much more fun popping by here to read the "hopes", "evaluations", and of course the reactions.


    As the fun part winds down, I'll be sliding back into Football Hibernation for a while but before I go, I just felt it was important to recognize "this place" for what it is.


    Cheers to all of you.


    Go Bills.

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  3. 24 minutes ago, JaCrispy said:

    He was one of the 4 guys I listed in the 1st round, that I absolutely had to have…👍


    Funny thing is, I just watched a crap ton of his highlight videos last night, and I don’t know how it’s possible, but he looked even more amazing than the first time…


    With the defense doubling Diggs, this guy’s gonna eat like crazy! 👍




    Oh yes.....   Sleeper fantasy pick as well...  LOL.  I might win my keeper league on this one.  haha

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  4. Around the league I’d say we did about as well as any other main competitor, Miami, ny jets, New England, Cincinnati, Kansas city.   

    Unfortunately, the eagles get an A+ from me….  Hope there isn’t a dynasty in the making over there.


    I think we make it to the show.   

    can we beat Philly?  Worth a roster comparison thread if anyone wants to put that together.

  5. 2 minutes ago, DrDawkinstein said:


    Absolutely NOT






    Sorry I just watch the games, and don't follow any drama.  Didn't know that.  That's hilarious.

    Without all that "noise", I'd say Lewan would have been a good RT for us.

    Ah well.


    Maybe Brandon Shell (any drama there?).  :)


    Maybe Brandon Shell (any drama there?).  :)


    From March:  https://billswire.usatoday.com/2023/03/20/buffalo-bills-interest-brandon-shell/


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  6. 2 hours ago, Wizard said:

    I think the Eagles had a great draft. No doubt that Carter is a knucklehead, but his talent is legit, and he is going to a team with solid players already and a winning culture.  Add in Nolan Smith, Ringo, and then some guys who were productive players in college, I think they had a great draft.


    I would give our Bills an "A" for the first 2 rounds and a "C" for rounds 3-7 at first glance.





    I'd say A, B, C for the Bills:  A for rounds 1, 2, B for round 3, and C for round 6.


    But as they say, "evaluate the draft in the third season".....

  7. 4 minutes ago, ndirish1978 said:


    Future of what? He was at best a 2nd rd pick this year, we signed Edwards and McGovern and drafted Torrence to go along with Bates and Boettger. We have 5 players at the position. Our roster isn't good enough to sign players who don't even have the option to play this year IMO. Draft a projection and see if they can step up.


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