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  1. 2 hours ago, Beck Water said:

    Emmanuel Acho (I think) on "Speak!" alluded to every team having 3 or so "freakazoids", freakishly talented players who could ruin your day at any time during the game.


    Who are the Bills "freakazoids" on offense, defense, and ST?



    Josh Allen, no question

    I think James Cook has freakazoid potential, but to date, not fully realized - too many drops in the passing game, some amazing runs and some stuffs.

    I think Dalton Kincaid could grow into a freakazoid but not there yet

    Really, that's it.  Dion Dawkins is a freakishly athletic "big guy" who does a good job, but it's hard for me to call him a "freakazoid".



    Matt Milano

    would we give this to Ed Oliver, the last season and a half?  He's been claiming more and more snaps, and had 9.5 sacks last year - which isn't Justin Madubuike,  I think is 4th for DT and is one fewer than Nick Bosa or Chris Jones?  

    what about Terrel Bernard?  he was 12th for combined tackles in the league last year - not Roquan Smith, but he's getting up there.



    I got no one.  They're all gone, and Bass-o-matic seemed to have the "yips".



    If an NFL team has more than 3 freakazoids, that's a good team.


    I say we have ONE, but my definition of freakazoid is a first ballot HOFer.



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  2. In today's mock, I traded down and up and maintained 1 pick in each round of the 2025 draft (i.e. I didn't sell the farm....).


    I'm all in on Sweat if teams let him slip for one stupid mistake.  Remember Laremy Tunsil? Well he's been one of the better Tackles in the NFL for many years now....  Snap Sweat up if he's there at a great value.  I got him at 51.  Note the SPEED I added at WR to stretch the field with Worthy, and McCaffrey.


    Added some linemen to compete, some depth at EDGE, a pounding short yardage back, and of course, COOPER DEJEAN who could be a starting safety right out of the gate.




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  3. Did an analysis of the Chiefs' stats...  

    We can beat them with two main differences.


    1.  Run heavy on them (they have a strong passing D, and weak rush D)

    2.  Invest in a stellar passing D and pass rush....


    Let's play Marty ball....  (Schottenheimer...).


    Control the clock with a dominant run game and we have Allen's ability to strike deep when they stack the box..


    Alternate reality draft:   :)






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  4. My "don't panic at WR" draft.  I'm honing in on Audric Estime as a short yardage pounder that we need, youth-wise.   He's bigger back that would be a nice addition.  I'm liking Worthy as a top option due to speed and ability to be that threat downfield.  Allen has the arm....  It would open up our passing game more and I think would also open up swing passes and KINCAID, who I see as a candidate for a MASSIVE year.

    If you're into fantasy.... get Kincaid.  Bank on that one.



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  5. Haven't read all the posts but just replying to the title.


    He gets a pass because he built a playoff team from nothing.


    LP Losman anyone?  How about Orton?


    SINGLE digit win column from 2000-2018?


    No playoffs?


    Beane is a very good GM.  

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  6. 4 hours ago, krf139 said:

    Lost in the Diggs news of this week is how wrong the Buffalo media have been about Diggs over the past year:


    - WGR hosts routinely dismissed callers who raised Diggs' behavior as an issue

    - Team beat reporters took pride in pushing back on the national narrative that Diggs was an issue and could be traded.  They would boast about how they're local, on the ground and more tuned into the team.  They'd highlight the cap hit and claim that anyone from the national media who suggested a Diggs trade didn't understand the cap implications.  They loved going on national shows to tell everyone how much they know about the team and how the national narrative about a Diggs issue was wrong and potential trade wasn't happening.  Matt Bove even tweeted that Diggs wasn't getting traded literally less than 10 minutes before the trade was reported

    - Tim Graham (who I previously thought was one of the few good ones) is now reporting how Allen snapped at Diggs after the Week 1 loss to the Jets.  It's such a disservice and somewhat disingenuous to withhold information like this until he's gone.  It highlights how many of these folks care far more about maintaining relationships/access to the players than holistically reporting what's going on with the team - especially a week 1 incident involving a player who was the talk of the offseason


    It's unfortunate we don't have media members covering the team who we can trust.  I can only wonder what will continue to come out about the Diggs situation, or what would come out about McDermott re: 13 seconds if he gets fired. 


    "Thirty-one million dead money, a second-rounder next year, and it's a team they're in big-time competition with? That tells you how much they were done with him," Simms said.


    PERSONALLY, I've always thought Diggs was a POS team mate.  Great player, but a ridiculous, selfish, team mate.  I can't stand that personality type.




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  7. THANK-YOU Diggs for the time you spent here.


    ....but best days are clearly in the rearview mirror and I'm so happy to get COMPENSATION for this move in the form of draft picks in a WR deep draft.


    Younger, faster, stronger.  


    Let's GO.

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  8. 13 minutes ago, mrags said:

    I really like Williams. Listed as both a S and LB I feel like he’s a perfect fit for our defense.  Could love him around anywhere. Maybe he’s not perfect at either but he’s a Swiss Army knife that can do both of needed. Keep him on the field in pass heavy downs as a S and run heavy downs as a LB. Can literally have in him on any down and move him all over. 



    He can man up with the Kelce's of the world and at his size, would be able to hold up well I think.

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    Also, the Bills Secondary Coach Jahmil Addae was James Williams' coach in Miami before he was hired by Buffalo.  Inside track on information.  It will be interesting to look at ALL Miami secondary draft prospects (i.e. Kinchens....)

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  10. I've been mocking a bit now, and today I stumbled on a player that is jumping off the page for me in round 4, or therabouts.


    Listed in some places as a safety, and in others as a linebacker.


    I'm talking about 6'5" James Williams.  As far as I can tell, he played Safety mostly in Florida.  





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  11. This is the second time I've traded up to 22 for EDGE Jared Verse (my #1 non-WR prospect in this entire draft).


    Also grabbed a top WR, reunited Verse with Fiske on the DL, and rounded out the draft with picks at positions of need (and a TE that I think is a sleeper pick).



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  12. My "ALL IN" WR draft.....  Let's run some 4 WR sets... with Kincaid on the line too...  Who do you cover?


    Here's your WR depth chart:

    Diggs, McCaffrey

    Samuel, Polk

    Mitchell, Shakir, Hollins



    Kincaid, Knox, Barner



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  13. I'll be doing one a day from now 'til the draft.  In this version, a top pass rusher JARED VERSE fell to 22 and I had to trade up for the value.  Still added two WRs with interesting characteristics to add to the WR room, a DOMINANT space eater at DT, TE depth, a Center to add depth, compete to start, as well as safety depth.



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