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  1. Agreed. Antonio Brown comes to mind. Glad he nixed that trade.
  2. Thanks for listing all 31 other teams. I would not have known them otherwise. 😊
  3. In 1984 the entire San Francisco 49'ers secondary made the Pro Bowl: Ronnie Lot Eric Wright Carlton Williamson Dwight Hicks https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/sfo/1984_roster.htm
  4. Oliver is a rookie and needs the reps to get up to NFL speed.
  5. Agreed. OJ has the highest YPC average of any RB ever. And he broke 2,000 yards in just 14 games on a bad team.
  6. Frank Lewis was #49. Chandler was #58. Will Grant was #97.
  7. Yep, it is a big violation of the TBD TOS to post an entire article. Any such posts will be removed.
  8. It's such a shame that this needs to be mentioned nowadays, since hit and run is so common. In the olden days, people stopped when there was an accident.
  9. In the 80's, it went to 70 players after the first game, 60 players after the second game, 50 players after the third game, and finally, 45 players after the fourth game. Things were more exciting back then. There was no practice squad and no 53-man roster. Training camp began in early July. The first week of the season was on Labor Day weekend. The Super Bowl was always in January. Players were tougher and less injury prone. The teams have it too good nowadays.
  10. The fact that it happened and was reported almost 3 months ago and they finally arrested him now means that they have more evidence than just the strippers word.
  11. You don't need DirecTV to get Sunday Ticket. Just say you rent the house and your landlord won't allow it; or if you live in an apartment, say the complex won't allow it. Wow, in the old BBMB, any posts talking about illegal streams would have been deleted. I am glad it is allowed here.
  12. Yep, all beverages are prohibited. Here are the only allowed items: https://www.buffalobills.com/stadium/gate-entry-and-permitted-items
  13. Do they do mandatory patdowns like they do for the Philadelphia Eagles?
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