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  1. It used to be home of the world's tallest all-wood flag pole too.
  2. True. Van Miller is from Dunkirk too. But the smart people do leave the city when they get the chance.
  3. Nope. Stop it. Calling him racist is political. That's the point you don't get.
  4. LOL. The point is Mayock did not suffer. The fact that we can say "cracker", but not the n-word, is indicative of that. Do not compare what Mayock went through with true racism, which has hurt the lives of black people in this country ever since slavery.
  5. Too bad AB can't play this Sunday against Pittsburgh. I would have loved to see him go against his old team.
  6. Nope. Doc said AB's actions were racist. That is in dispute.
  7. I am not going to turn this thread political, but Doc made the first political comment on page 1 of this thread.
  8. So says you. Do you think Mayock batted an eye when he was called a cracker? Try calling someone the n-work and see how it affects them. That is racism. There is a long history of POC being denied many things in this country due to the color of their skin. White people haven't been affected like that. But let's not turn this thread political.
  9. It wasn't racism. White people cannot be the victims of racism due to their privilege.
  10. Calling a white persona cracker is not racist. The majority cannot be the victim of racism. White people have privilege.
  11. That's only because other teams knew AB didn't want to play there and Pittsburgh was in a tough spot.
  12. The part where he alleges racism makes it political. Some people do not view it as racism.
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