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  1. 37-10 Bills


    Statement game. Young dline steps up against Mike White who hasn't seen a defense like this at home yet. Edmunds and company bottle up any semblance of a running game which has been really poor for them lately. Their receivers are very talented, and they could slip for a touchdown or two. I just think this dline with the Von news is going to go berserk. Somebody will have 2 sacks.


    Side bet - Extreme Diggs going 10-150-2 



  2. No more Thanksgiving games. Sucks of course but there's a ton of young talent and I'm sure he'll still be involved on the sidelines. Rousseau and Epenesa are getting healthy, Shaq did some things last week. Boogie pops up randomly every now and then. I'm not as distraught as I feel I should be.

  3. 27 minutes ago, Richard Noggin said:

    Reggie White was a remarkably different player than Von Miller. He was such a monster. Big, strong guys can remain effective longer than smaller, twitchier guys. Big players can maintain or even improve their plus mass and strength into their 30s, but EVERY player always gets slower. 


    I remember Reggie White being like Michael Jordan in 1992, in Western NY. Kids had tshirts and everything. He should be in any football fans top-3 pass rushers of all time, arguably #1. It's an impossible comparison to begin with, but you're absolutely right that the big strong dudes last longer and even get better with age. Von is uniquely more long and twitchy than a lot of the 90s bulldozers. More Jon Bones Jones than Daniel Cormier.

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  4. I've been a few times but it's been several years, but the actual inner core of Miami the city is the ugliest, boring, most depressing city I think I've ever been to, and I've spent quite a bit of time in Indianapolis. It's not even where the violence or crime is, that's more north and in the outskirts in all directions. It's also not where the fun is, which is South Beach. It's just a hot concrete mess of hotels and banks with no food, it absolutely sucks.

  5. I thought Von provided a pass rushing spark that this team hasn't seen for at least a decade. Compare him to his early career if you must, and very few are going to actually be better later in their career, but he could clearly still dominate. Had 8 sacks in 11 games and can only be a positive for the young guys, I'll call that great.


    Speaking of Hughes though...wasn't he kicking water coolers and fans were having fun speculating his return only a couple of weeks ago? Surprised I haven't seen more chatter, would love to add him back to the rotation, even though it is now clearly Groot emergence time.

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  6. They really have a few guys now on offense that just haven't taken that next step in multiple seasons - Hardman, Edwards-Helaire (fell off a cliff). McKinnon gets all the credit in the world for coming back from his injuries but he's never going to touch the ball more than 10 times a game. It's pretty much Isaiah Pacheco and Juju after Kelce right now. I don't think that's going to cut it.

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  7. Nick Squidward is the worst (so maybe best?) kind of troll in that he's faked respect for the Bills about 20 times now, and yet always reverts to being the annoying child that his extended family has probably always disliked. Can't help himself. Best to just ignore. And then mock him for ages regardless of how petty it gets when the Bills outlast the Chiefs in the playoffs.

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  8. I'm pretty convinced that the bottom is going to fall out for either the Jets, Miami, or both. I think they've both peaked, New York especially. Mike White is a clear upgrade over Wilson, but he's still not the game changing QB that will do something against a consistent pass rush. I wouldn't be surprised if the D-line eats him alive next week, even without Von. And then you can't really turn to Flacco because he's an even worse statue against the rush. Jets are just buying time right now. They turned some heads but it was always about the next year or two for them. 


    Somebody's going to make a move in the AFC, although it may not really impact the Bills much if we keep the #1. Got to think it's either Vegas or Cleveland now with Watson.

  9. 37 minutes ago, dakrider said:

    I had hoped Allen would sit more of his rookie year because he obviously needed add'l coaching and training and it was disappointing he had to learn from the likes of Nathan Peterman and the Bills had some really bad receivers.  Josh had to learn from the school of hard knocks, but he was able to see his own weaknesses and he got add'l help in the off seasons and really has honed his skills.

    Kind of makes you think - has this approach worked for anybody recently? I know it worked for Aaron Rodgers but 15 years ago isn't recently of course. Seems that any of the recent young QBs that have had any success were thrown right in (Allen, Burrow, Tua, Fields, Herbert, etc.) On the other hand I can't think of a single one that was "developed" for a year plus. If anything, for the past couple of decades or so it seems like if a QB doesn't start right away that controversy just brews and then they eventually don't deliver.

  10. 2 hours ago, Billsfanatic8989 said:

    It is great to be in the 1 seed.


    The schedule won't be easy down the stretch though.


    Jets, Dolphins, and Bengals. 


    Chiefs have: Seattle, Raiders, Denver twice, and Texans.


    They have the much easier schedule. 


    That said, beating Jets & Miami would essentially win us the division. 

    You're probably right, but let's see how these injuries play out. I'd rather play the Fins without Tua than the Raiders right now. Said it a few weeks ago that Adams bashing the team got them fired up. Was met with some eyerolls but now they're back in the conversation because all Carr apparently has to do is fling the ball down the field and Adams will go get it for 2+ TDs a game. Vegas was never as bad on paper as their early record, I could see them taking the Chiefs if they keep the momentum they've had for the last few weeks.

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  11. Edmunds dummies always been wrong.


    He's a gigantic match-up nightmare. Rangy predator on the field. Somewhat timid, maybe, but it's slowly leaving with every start. He's going to be the 29-30 year old game wrecking savage that everybody wants. Yes, I'm bring up his age again, because yes he's accomplished a tremendous amount early. Just imagine this dude in even 2-3 years.


    Tremaine is the Josh Allen of this defense. Lock him down.

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  12. 9-3 indeed. I'm a little worried about his output but it's clearly not really necessary right now. I think he has the talent to spark up at any moment which is nice.


    More worried about our TE2. Sheesh, talk about an ignored role. We got old 1970s brickhands Sweeney causing penalties and a very unproven Morris, who does seem sort of nice in his limited time. Regardless, the fact that our TE2 consists of basically otherwise ignored no-names is a tiny bit more concerning, we need to bolster every bit of this offense. It's Knox or nothing at that position right now it seems.

  13. The only detractors that I can find act like his early WR2 seasons weren’t significant but even those were Andre Reed level statistically. You don’t have to be Justin Jefferson out of the gate, Diggs early years were pretty awesome. More importantly he’s on a historic run right now. Few receivers have put together a 4(+) year string like this.

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  14. Also saw a lot of “we gave up Zack Moss and picks for this!” etc in the GDT thread, as if there’s still hope for Zack Moss.


    Zack Moss had 1 carry for 2 yards last game for Indy. Prior to that he had, wait for it…2 carries for 7 yards, a career high for his time in Indy. He’s very much Zack Moss. It was Hines for a late round draft pick, Moss is meaningless.

  15. Yes. Came up before this season so worth the update, dude is well on his way to nearly 9k and 60td after this season, before 30. Soak that up for a second, that’s pretty historic. Then add the fact that Diggs is a cerebral player that doesn’t get hit much, he might even have a few more seasons like this in him. Feels like jinxing but he has 15k 100td potential. 

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