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  1. We should trade for Dalton...

    ^^momma obviously never spanked that ass. #disrespectful
  2. Steelers fans have some nerve booing the way they did, and emptying the stadium out early, considering the teams success over the years...guess they had to get home and wash the tears outta those terrible tampons.
  3. We should trade for Dalton...

    2 points....1: you said he isn't that good of a QB...and I say he is. I comprehended perfectly. 2. I'm most likely old enough to be your dad, so shove the "kid" remark. He gets the same BS in Cincy.
  4. We should trade for Dalton...

    The bandwagon fans LOVE HIM...us old realistic fans think he is a forever backup QB. Dalton is signed through 2020.
  5. Thank You Bills Fans

    Thank you.
  6. We should trade for Dalton...

    I know right? 3 time Pro Bowler and 17th best career passer rating all time...he must really suck. Cincy just hired Alex Van Pelt to be his QB coach...huge upgrade. We call him Glassman in Cincy...amazing player...as long as you don't touch him. He is a great guy though.
  7. We should trade for Dalton...

    Dalton is the real deal. When he has had an O-Line to protect him, he has been lights out many times, and he has several Pro Bowl appearances to prove it. Right now, he has no O Line to provide neither a running game, or pass protection. Cincy isn't giving up on him anytime soon.
  8. Top 10 Bills

    Since I'm new to the Bills, and trying to figure out the dynamics around here... I would like to see the list fro. A Bills fanatic point of view. Could you list for me YOUR PERSONAL top ten Bills best players all time 1-10. Thanks on advance.
  9. Thank You Bills Fans

    Thanks. The Bengals have all new coaching staff ( except for HC and a few minor coaches) built to harness the aggression and attitudes of a few players. I'm waiting to see how it goes though before I throw my opinion into the ring.
  10. Acquiring a Franchise QB

    Of all the QB listed, I would try to trade with Denver for Paxton Lynch. The kid has a ton of talent but simply isn't a good fit in Denver for one reason or another. Also...STAY AWAY from Cincy backup AJ McCarron. He can't make the throws, has terrible footwork, and it took him forever to retain 1/3 of the playbook. He is highly overrated.
  11. EJ Manuel

    In all fairness, the Bills are now my #2 team because of the fan generosity toward the Bengals. I'm just getting a feel for my new brothers here is all....or as you said, curiosity.

    If you had to start all over and build the franchise around one single player on the roster, who would you pick, and why?
  13. EJ Manuel

    I honestly thought he was still on the Bills roster.
  14. EJ Manuel

    No...no he cannot. Lmao
  15. EJ Manuel

    Gotta love brutal honesty