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  1. Beane needs his 3rd rounders for running backs and his cap space for Edmunds
  2. I agree McDermott is a good coach to date. I just wish we didn’t marry him before the season.
  3. Personal attacks aren’t welcome here maybe you could try explaining why you think star is the difference?
  4. Ok I say the same to you Dopey but with word Shaq replaces with Star. Ok Dopey thank you. Here is example for you: Your response shows you didn't pay attention the previous two seasons. Your Star logic is very flawed. Shows you don't get what I said or just want to be right. Again, it's easy to see SHAQ is the difference. If it doesn't make sense to you...you know the drill
  5. I disagree. I could say it’s Shaq Lawson using your logic, but I don’t have any proof which apparently isn’t necessary. If that doesn’t make sense to you then no amount of explaining will help you.
  6. I’ve been banned for too many “ad hominem” remarks so I haven’t noticed. This thread is about “complaining” however.
  7. Does that win% include the two playoff losses?
  8. Oh damn you’re right we are going to win the super bowl because we have so much in common with the 2019 Chiefs. What you said is not a reach at all And don’t play dumb about Ten being a completely different team after mariotta was benched and Tannehill took over
  9. Do you want some examples of other teams that lost to good teams back to back? or would that be cherry picking?
  10. I knew you would bring up the win against Tennessee with Mariotta and all those missed fgs. I almost mentioned it, but wow you’re so predictable. you know who else lost to good division rivals back to back? Every bad team ever
  11. no. A win is a win around here. There is no nuance allowed
  12. keep saying consistency, it gives you credibility. you cherry picked the one time the Chiefs lost two games in a row as if it has anything to do with the Bills. I already made my case. I’ll repeat it for you. At that point the Chiefs had already shown they could beat playoff teams. the Bills under McDermott have not.
  13. i’m not missing the point. I’m pointing out how your point doesn’t matter when you haven’t proven a damn thing as a team.
  14. Did you watch any of the games haha. They were a Dee Ford Offside from the super bowl
  15. superfluous information. The chiefs had already proven they could beat good teams at that point. Should’ve made the super bowl the year before.
  16. I got a 3 day ban for less than this recently
  17. makes no sense? You just described a situation where they could tie or win. would you expect them to stop the chiefs from getting in fg range? They have a good kicker also btw the runner’s knee was down
  18. we only lost by nine points! That is this week’s version of “it is what it is”
  19. Sal just said on WGR that going for two is a defeatist attitude. But that’s the whole game plan. Hold them off, let them run, and don’t give up a TD each drive. But when it comes down to it it’s the same as Lynn punting in OT
  20. We are in year 3. If we don’t blow out a joke of a Jets team I will continue to have serious doubts about the timing of McDermott’s extension. don’t forget about last year’s Dolphin’s game coming out of the bye don’t forget about November 2, 2017 when we were embarrassed by a “tanking” Jets team
  21. Watch the Damien Williams TD. Edmunds does what he does on most plays. He hesitates, then goes to the Chiefs RG at the exact same time as a Williams goes to the left. is that him or the defense scheme? I’m not 100% sure but it keeps happening. edmunds also gets dragged for extra yards constantly on tackles. and if you think star will help that I’d like to hear why
  22. This all goes back to the extension he was given before the season. I said at the time we may as well see how he does against a tougher schedule this season since he still had two years left and the team hasn’t performed well against eventual playoff teams to say the least. I also said I wasn’t upset about the extension, just curious why we couldn’t wait a year or even 9 games (after Seattle, KC, NE) In that context you have to admit it’s leaning one way. there is still time to beat some pretty good teams and I actually think they will beat a good team at some point this season but the timing of the extension is still strange to me. It highlights the acceptance of mediocrity amongst ownership and fanbase.
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