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  1. Just now, Richard Noggin said:


    Yes, really. We're talking about 2022, now. The Dolphins defense is pretty good.


    The Ravens lit them up and NE has the worst O in the NFL.


    Not an impress barometer, but you have your opinion.


    I just simply think the Dolphins D is trash and I would be surprised if Allen puts under 40 on them.

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  2. 13 hours ago, Richard Noggin said:


    Agreed. We haven't faced a defense with Miami's quality yet, THIS season.



    Blitz-heavy defenses gave a younger Josh Allen some trouble. I agree that this problem was fully solved last season. Hopefully that holds true throughout 2022. There was a dicey stretch even last week. It COULD happen. Never forget that effing Jaguars game.



    I hope he stays that way and punishes them when they bring extra bodies, but also recognizes and adjusts when they don't. They like to muddy up the LOS pre-snap. Mug those gaps.



    They haven't faced a D of Miami's quality???? Really???

  3. I don't blame Chubb in the least.


    You go up TWO scores with less than two minutes left in the game and the other team has NO time outs..........


    it's next to impossible for a team to lose the game at that point.


    The blame FULLY goes on the Browns D for allowing Joe freaking Flacco, that's right Joe Flacco, to march down the field TWICE in less than two minutes.


    Plus, the Browns ST's allowed the Jets to recover an onside kick.


    A lot had to go right for the Jets to win the game after Chubb crossed the goal line and the Browns did Browns things to allow the Jets to steal the game.

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  4. I obviously loved the outcome of this game, but going into the game, the Bills were light years better than the Dolphins and a prohibitive favorite in this game.


    The way the Bills played this whole game was a major disappointment and a microcosm to what would be the "Bickering Bills" in 1989.


    They got lucky to get a win in this game, but a great outcome nonetheless.

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  5. 7 minutes ago, RiotAct said:

    so you don’t care that the middle class (what’s left of it) is struggling?  Got it

    Millions of Americans now struggling paycheck to paycheck means far less to a simpleton like BillsSlime than that mean orange man still allowed to breathe free air in this country.

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