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  1. 53 minutes ago, John from Riverside said:

    Professor is a rank, so yes he can literally be a professor

    There are many reasons why they would have Biden on as a professor at an institute, and he not teach


    Didn't you support the right at one time? If you did, what changed?


    I apologize if I'm wrong. 

  2. 1 hour ago, L Ron Burgundy said:

    Ah Republicans.   Your best source for legal analysis is a house wife.  Your #1 witness for the biggest bullet in your legal arsenal is a Russian stooge. 


    In the future they're going to make movies about how utterly inept the party you support is and how gullible rep voters are.  I figure it will be like Airplane meets Idiocracy.

    Yeah, the DemonRats are SOOOOOOOO much better.


    Dude, give it up. BOTH PARTIES SUCK

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  3. 7 hours ago, Roundybout said:

    Dont care. The current process takes far too long. Hire a million immigration lawyers and make them citizens. 

    One filled out a bunch of paperwork and waited a million years, the other didn’t. Both contribute to this great nation of immigrants.


    sorry, but I’m not changing my stance. I welcome all immigrants. 


    Are you an f-n loon?

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  4. 2 hours ago, phypon said:

    I highly suggest everyone stop replying to this poster.  I think it's either a bot or a paid shill.  Look at the timestamps of the postings, it's 24/7.  Actual people sleep.  Also, look at the content of the posts, there is no rationale and never any type of engagement.  It's always insults and non sequitur.  I also think this poster has multiple accounts.  If it's a person, it's a paid person and needs to be shamed for being a traitor and for inciting on this board.  This poster is collecting info on anyone that engages with them.  I'm very serious about this.  The mods and admin need to look into Billstime's account.

    BillsSlime is a mentally ill TDS sufferer. FACT

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  5. Like I said, the Bills toughest opponent is the Bills.


    But people want to use the injury excuse on D as the reason the Bills lost to them this year. I won’t use that excuse because even with a healthier D the two previous playoff matchups, the Quiefs lit the Bills up for a combined 80 points. 

    The Bills are going to have railroad them in a playoff game to beat them. The Bills will NEVER beat the Chiefs in a close game when it truly matters.

  6. On 2/1/2024 at 9:36 PM, BADOLBILZ said:



    I don't need to watch it,  I knew they dropped the ball by not selecting Mahomes in 2017.    THAT team and THIS franchise passing on a QB in that draft was preposterous.  The excuse that they needed more than 4 months to evaluate a QB class(:rolleyes:) was the first of many ridiculous excuses made by McBeane.


    The Mahomes hype in summer of 2017 was huge.....his lone start backed up the hype......and by the time he went off in the opener of the 2018 season I could already envision our new young QB perennially being 2 steps behind even if he turned out to be as great as his athletic ceiling.


    The reason I thought that far ahead was because the Chiefs had been eating the Bills lunch since Reid arrived.    They dealt some critical blows to the playoff hopes of Marrone and Rex teams that were about equally talented.   They outmaneuvered the Bills for Alex Smith.    They were a problem and as big a rival to me as anyone outside of NE.   But for most Bills fans they were just another team on the schedule.    I was very irritated to hand them a QB........with a below market value trade no less........when we were so desperate for our own QB.


    When Allen was just playing like a wild man with mixed results in 2018 and Mahomes was being the most prolific passing first year QB I was already figuring "best case" scenario was that Allen could be Jim Kelly to Mahomes' Dan Marino.   Marino had excellent individual and team success at the beginning but 5-6 years in Kelly started winning the majority of their matchups because of a better roster and the Bills team surpassed Miami.


    Allen held up his part of the bargain by improving quickly............Beane just proved to be to much of a work in progress as a GM and never was able to out-personnel the Chiefs.


    As I've said before though.........it was wishful thinking that the Bills organization could go from decades of dysfunction and terrible stewardship and suddenly hit on the perfect GM and HC and QB combination all at once.     I like Beane and think he could actually eventually live up to the BS "wizard" hype he got early on.........but it's entirely possible that his best work won't line up perfect with the prime of JA17.    


    The lesson is that sometimes the initial moves a regime makes can be the most impactful.


    In 2018, Allen pulled off the impossible as a rookie.


    He didn’t have a losing record in games he started and finished with one of the worst offensive rosters in history. 

    A very solid feat for a supposedly “erratic” rookie QB.

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