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  1. 1 minute ago, Bad Things said:

    I find it really sad that so many fans can turn against one of our best players that's trying to come back from an injury.


    For some of you, it should be "Bills Mob" instead of "Bills Mafia".


    I respect White, but I ain’t relying on him for anything until he actually suits up and plays.

  2. 11 minutes ago, Buffalo_Stampede said:

    Last year our QB was healthy. Got to be smart. Case Keenum vs Vikings, Browns, and Detroit or Case Keenum on the road in the playoffs.


    Give me a healthy Josh Allen over #1 seed. Also we should be able to beat Detroit and Cleveland without Josh.


    This regime has yet to win on the road in the playoffs.


    If they have to go on the road, it could be you, me, Keenum or Allen and it’s basically guaranteed…… no SB for 2022.

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  3. 3 minutes ago, Casey D said:

    Look, it is almost certain he has a grade 1 sprain, which can include microtears.  If it was a grade 2 sprain, he would be out as he was in 2018.   


    That being said, if he gets rest, he should be largely healed up in two weeks.  He should be good for sure for Detroit, unless something goes wrong.  You put him in without adequate rest, and he probably will have some trouble throwing, and could aggravate the injury.  So he can play, but should he?


    Correct decision, IMO, is to let Keenum play the next two weeks, three if the recovery is slower.  I understand the #1 seed and all that, but the injury changes the calculus.  He needs to be healthy after Detroit.  If Keenum can go 1-1, or 2-1 with Detroit, everything will still be on the table.  Besides, given the last 6 quarters, giving Allen a little time to clear his head might not be a bad thing.  When he came back in 2018 after the UCL injury, he was a much better player.


    Just my opinion... 


    Fact is, if Allen misses multiple games, the Bills are going to be on the road for the playoffs.

    This regime hasn’t won a road playoff game yet and the prospects won’t be any brighter for the 2022 playoffs.


    So, if Allen can even throw a little, he’s playing.


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  4. 3 minutes ago, John from Riverside said:

    I know it’s not a popular opinion but we need Josh for the long-haul we are literally only halfway through the season


    If he can’t injury any worse play him


    Given how much we throw if there is any chance that it would injure him further sit him

    Maybe it forces the Bills to commit to the run a little more.


    I am one of the few who actually thinks the Bills can run the ball if they actually do it more than a handful of times per game.


    Running the ball well and going off play action might help this O get out of this mini funk.

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  5. I think the disappointment is the whole team letting the SB favorite talk getting into their heads and treating the Jets game like it was going to be an easy victory by just showing up.


    Everything that everyone is mentioning is correctable.


    I’m not panicking. Throw the Jets loss behind them and just concentrate on beating the Vikings. Also, treat the Vikings like they’re a threat, not some also ran.


    All assuming Allen is playing.

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