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  1. 6 hours ago, DrPJax said:

    Man I am messing up spelling things myself , honestly it never happened until I was under from 5 pm-10 pm working on my neck with 5 bad discs   They go very to the carotid during the surgery and the neurisurgein said I was actually his 5 th case of that same surgery that day. My memory was Perfect before with names of players from years ago and I could name the band who played any given song. Now I am struggling with names k nothing else but names really are an issue for me. 

     Not joking , has anybody else ever experienced that after being under for a long time, even with perfect health before ?  I appreciate it if you have ever experienced something similar that you might be ok sharing!.  Anyhow , it’s drooling or salivating and I’m not being an a$$ just pointing out the spelling so forgive me. But I really do wonder if anyone ever noticed a change after being under for a long surgery. Hyde prob had a similar surgery this year but he is much younger as I just turned 65 and I think he just had a single disc done. 

     I think we will be ok with quess having a week to prepare.but this is a true test for Dorsey to see if he can protect Josh yet keep the offense productive. This is a crtical gsme and Dorsey needs to step up without hurting our o by taking another guy out of the routes. Likewise without Von , the pats are free now to not have to keep a guy in to chip von and it opens their offense up more. Will be a matchup of o coordinators to see who is the most creative!  It’s Dec , time to get serious and peak!  Thanks for your thoughts if you can empathize as it’s a little concerning and just wondered if any one every experienced something similar!  Go Bills and Happy Holidays! 


    I think it is the after effects of the anesthesia.  I was on the table for eight hours in early September and even now, certain words just cannot be retrieved.

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  2. 2 minutes ago, Beck Water said:

    To sum: you are correct that his #catches was the same, but his YPC and his 1st downs fell off markedly.

    He was also less consistent - he had 5 games where he had 1 or 2 catches, and 6 games where he had less than 25 receiving yards


    Not counting the playoff game vs KC, he also had 5 games of over 60 yards.  Maybe McKenzie suddenly goes wild, but he’s currently at 2.  Yes, his first downs dropped off to 34, but that was also 2nd on the team.  Also, McKenzie has already filled up his allocation of six sub-25 games and he has time to hit double digits games on that ugly stat.


    For all I know, Beane already gave it a shot and was rejected or vice versa by Pegulas/Beane/McD and wishful thinking on my part.

  3. Boettger for sure.  


    I think Beasley’s 2021 was nowhere as bad as people have stated. About 80% of hate was covid vac & comments related.

     He had bad ribs for a number of games yet played through it and ended up tying his best annual # for receptions (82 - 2nd on the team) and had his 5th best mark for yards (696) which was also second on the team.  He looked to try to go down quick to save his ribs, which did hurt his YAC.  McKenzie isn’t close to his level.


    I’d ask him:

    — u interested?

    — send some tape


    He could run his routes blindfolded & backwards and still be more productive than Stevenson.





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