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  1. When I was in the 8th grade I bleached my hair in spots on my head to look like the lead singer of ‘Sugar Ray’ Mark McGrath. It permanently disallowed me from ever *** talking about anyone else’s hair.

    Days like today truly shows the price I paid for my Ska punk crimes.

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  2. 21 hours ago, NastyNateSoldiers said:

    I don’t believe it’s close the 90s team would destroy this team. That team had 5 hofers , better Oline better dline better lbers just about better everywhere including coaching . 

    Can u imagine McD and Frazier gearing up to stop that offense? It would be a mismatch. Please never act like it’s close because it’s not. Thurman and that Oline would control the game Reed and Lofton would destroy our secondary because they’ll just be laying back in there zones. 

    On Defense Bruce and the boys would force Allen into multiple mistakes. If those 2 teams would play I say the 90s Bills would be favored by double digits easy . 

    You are right there and maybe I should have rephrased that. Adjusted for free agency, QB and passing game protection rules as well as other modern day factors this team is in the same discussion as the 80’s and 90’s Bills teams.

    That however is somewhat ancillary to my main point.  As great as those Kelly teams were the fact they did not get a ring they produced only successful failures each season. As of now that is the case now with the Allen teams.


    I agree with what the OP is saying and I think history can give a gauge of where we are in the development of this current team. That is why it is a little concerning that as great as those classic teams were. And how it is a fantastic story that they overcame adversity such as  the “Bickering Bills” issues they still did not win a Super Bowl.

  3. There is kind of a good news bad news situation with comparing the 2020’s Bills with the 80/90’s Bills.


    The good news is we are actually not only comparable to those teams but arguably better. The bad news however is that those earlier teams never won the big one and it can be concerning that some of these similarities could mean history can potentially repeat itself.

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