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  1. Well, at least the trapped soldiers can celebrate the annexation Putin just announced
  2. Ya, when has Russia even done anything irrational and destructive like this? Really could not see them doing this? Are you DR's other log in?
  3. Trump is a Putin stooge. He is not for the USA, he is for himself. But you know he did come within a hairsbreath of starting a war with Iran. You know that? And why? You know why?
  4. Reaching out to them. I know, it's Saint Donald, so he gets a pass. Sorry Buddy, you are not consistent
  5. so reaching out to Russia .like saying through the media, "Russia if you are listening..." Same thing, you need to understand that buddy
  6. I can't choose any of the categories because I have a different solution, namely a foreign policy to help foreign nations in our hemisphere become stable and prosperous, but we can also take in more immigrants
  7. The indictment names Jamie Lee Henry, an Army major at Fort Bragg who had a secret security clearance, and Henry’s spouse, Anna Gabrielian, a Russian-speaker who is affiliated with Johns Hopkins, according to a Hopkins webpage. They are charged with offering sensitive information to an undercover FBI agent who was posing as a representative of the Russian Embassy. The indictment says the FBI learned that Gabrielian had volunteered assistance to Russia through its embassy in Washington. First off, if they are gulity send them away for a long time or give them up to Russian conscription Secondly, where is all the screaming about this being entrapment?
  8. I only read this. How is asking for proof doing that? You have made definitive statements but offered no proof at all except to say you are a super expert on the subject.
  9. Really? That is in no way true at all Republicans don't
  10. This does not prove anything at all. I asked for proof that most of the immigrants were not seeking political asylum And I take it you are against allowing more immigrants to come in and do work. We need them
  11. This is unbelievable. Totally shocked by the impact of this. Didn’t think it would be anywhere near this bad. So hope the government operates in a smooth efficent manner to get to the people 8n need.
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