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  1. 31 minutes ago, Trock said:

    He was never offered a contract. Bills thought he was done. 



    I don't think this is the truth at all. 


    I do not know if the Bills offered him anything. But if they didn't, I suspect it was because they knew they would not be competitive compared to the other offers he would receive. And as I'm sure you know, there are regular conversations between agents and the GM that can direct them in whether or not to even make an official offer. An unofficial offer might have been suggested and rejected by the agent. 


    But I always shake my head when players sign elsewhere in FA, fans say "He left the team". The player did not leave the team. At the end of the contract, the player was without a team. The team had the opportunity to negotiate a contract extension, but for whatever reason did not. Getting butthurt when a player signs elsewhere is complete nonsense, IMO of course.

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  2. 3 hours ago, QCity said:

    Hughes kicks a Gatorade bucket and that means he's returning to the Bills.


    Are people day drinking?


    Drinking while stupid usually ends up with horrible threads.


    19 minutes ago, Airseven said:

    Hughes chose to sign with the worst team in the NFL. 


    EXACTLY!  He chose to sign with a crappy team, and is now so mad they stink he wants out? He's having a great year, but since Houston let some players leave then they surely would let Hughes leave.  WTF are people thinking?

  3. 2 hours ago, boyst said:

    It's probably above your intelligence. It's a cartoon for smart people! 😂




    I've tried. Everyone says that given the shows I like, I should love this one. I just can't get into it at all. Maybe because there isn't a single likeable main character in it, IMO. Maybe because the comedy is too broad for me. Dunno. Just didn't make it for me.

  4. 18 minutes ago, LOVEMESOMEBILLS said:


    Misunderstanding? Yeah, the NFL lawyers didn't have a Misunderstanding with this, they laid it all out for him earlier in the week. Things they were allowed to do on the show and the longer list of things he couldn't. I find it hard to believe this was a misunderstanding. 


     You don't believe if Pat was untruthful with what he said today the NFL wouldn't come right back at him with the stance they had earlier in the week? Lol, come on now. I know it, you know it, everyone knows it, the NFL would've buried him for it. Cause he laid it all out there today and didn't seem worried about doing so.







    Whatever you say, Champ.

  5. 1 hour ago, LOVEMESOMEBILLS said:


     I can't believe anyone cares enough to take up the NFL's cause. I don't believe anyone has stated that he's a significant piece of the NFL's success. That's just taking something that was said, to a much lesser extent, and over exaggerating what was really stated.


     But for you to call him a nobody is ridiculous. NFL Films doesn't go to bat and get the NFL to cave for nobodies. Maybe it is because "nobody" has ever got the NFL to cave when it comes to money. Ever.


      I don't know your real opinion of him, but to me it comes off as I don't like him, therefore he's a nobody who's wrong. We just saw results that proved otherwise. It's like rooting for Goliath instead of David. Give me the underdog every...single....time. For once over the top greed didn't win, hip hip hooray!!! Score one for the good guys!! Ef the NFL and all their billionaires.







    I was in no way trying to defend the NFL.


    But it's clear some here think McAfee's podcast is a MAJOR marketing asset to the NFL. And that not having the logo is a big blow to McAfee. I disagree on both counts. Really that was the entire point of my post. If you agree, we're all set.


    And I think you far overestimate the entire "caving" thing. This probably really was a misunderstanding in the vast NFL machinery/lawyers/etc. Some people just know how to/love to get as much publicity mileage that others out of minor situations.  Hey if it works to pump up your cred, then props to that, I suppose.


    As far as the real truth of what's going on/went on in this case, if someone wants to send me all the legal agreements and correspondence between the parties, I'll be happy to weigh in. Though I may have to ask the lawyers here a few questions. But in general I'm never inclined to believe the details I get from one side---particular if that side is known for shameless self promotion. In this case, both parties are guilty of that from time to time. 



  6. 27 minutes ago, LOVEMESOMEBILLS said:


     Much of this is pure nonsense. You don't like the guy, that's fine, but you're so far off-base in your response it's not even funny. He's one of the hardest working people in sports & media. Daily podcast, WWE announcer, WWE wrestler, on College GameDay. He's far from a nobody without this gig. And this just in.......the NFL CAVED.😂😂





    It has nothing to do with whether or not I like him.  It is irrelevant. It has nothing to do with how hard he works. That is also irrelevant to the issue. 



    But PLEASE do not try to get me to believe he is anything but a very small (insignificant actually) piece of the success of the NFL. That's idiotic. The NFL has EVERYTHING to do with his ability to make the make the money he is now making. Pretty simple actually.


    But I also have no problem with the outcome. From the get-go it just seemed like a mixup to me, that would probably get worked out. But as his his way, he made a HUGE deal out of very little. I'm just surprised anyone cares enough to take up his cause, as if he somehow was attacked by the NFL. That cracks me up as it is nonsense. 



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  7. 18 minutes ago, section122 said:

    He is paying them 4 million dollars is that not big rights fees? Lol



    Might be enough, might not. But however it plays out, getting all bent out of shape on behalf of McAfee seems preposterous to me. The NFL owes him next to nothing. He owes the NFL nearly everything.

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  8. Anyone who honestly believes McAfee is VITAL to NFL marketing needs to think again. McAfee would be just a rand9m ranting mook without the NFL. The NFL is VITAL to McAfee's popularity. IMO he should be paying the NFL big rights fees, because without the league he's a NOBODY and would be worth a tiny fraction of what he is currently worth.  The NFL is wildly popular and would be so if McAfee had never been born.


    With that said,  how big of an impact does the lack of logos have on McAfee's podcast? Is that really some soft of insurmountable obstacle? 

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  9. 36 minutes ago, Beerball said:

    blah blah blah Cozumel blah blah blah





    Seriously? I thought you were just having a bit of fun, but now I'm not so sure. If you are, it might be time to let him off the hook as he doesn't get the joke.


    But if you are actually being serious, why the attitude?  Sheesh give the guy a break.

  10. 2 hours ago, EmotionallyUnstable said:

    My in laws, who moved from Rochester to Buffalo, still order them as “Buffalo Wings” when we go out 🤦🏻‍♂️ 

    “How do you want your wings?”


    Buffalo. Can we get those extra crispy?


    …I just shake my head and telecommunicate an apology to the server. 


    I would have shaken my head years ago. Now I see Buffalonians talking about the best wings as being honey mustard, sesame, raspberry glazed (OK, maybe not that, but close).


    Way back when, the word got out about the wings in Buffalo, the rest of the country imitated them. Poorly for the most part.  Now places in Buffalo (apparently) are imitating the flavors created in places that couldn't make traditional wings of Buffalo.  IMO the only choices for wings (BUFFALO wings) are mild, medium, hot, xtra hot, etc.  The other flavors might be good but they aren't traditional Buffalo-style wings. So when someone coming to Buffalo aks "Who has the best wings?" I assume they are talking about BUFFALO style wings. But the answers are always mixed with sauces that have nothing to do, whatsoever, with the traditional recipe. 


    So now I understand when someone asks for Buffalo wings in Buffalo.


    When you go out anywhere in the country, you see Buffalo chicken salad. Buffalo chicken on a pizza, etc. Is that chicken EVER in a honey mustard sauce? I don't think so.

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  11. 13 minutes ago, Augie said:

    The last couple years have been crazy. Restaurants either closed or opening at 50% capacity for lack of staff. I met a “Temp Manager” at a Ritz in California. He lived at the Ritz and had a 90 day contract to manage dining floors.


    They put up signs saying “be kind to the people who bothered to show up to serve you”. I have a few regular places with regular people, and you learn to appreciate that. A lot. 


    But we want what we want for a meal, and we want it right. It’s not too much to ask. 



    Rudeness to restaurant staff should never happen. And people should be particularly understanding during these times, IMO. But ordering your meal the way you would like it (within reason, of course) should never be a bother to the staff. 


    I've always been drawn to establishments where the  bulk of the staff has been there for years.  Low turnover typically means they pay and treat the employees well. They come to know you and you them.  It just feels better than a place with high turnover. You have to continually train the staff to your tastes/preferences. And even then, they don't seem to care much, knowing they won't be there for long anyway.

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  12. Just now, Augie said:


    It is a national embarrassment that the bold had to be typed. Properly should suffice. 


    Agreed. But you know that doesn't suffice far too often. Just like pizza. I make sure to order my food the way I want it. I find I have far fewer complaints that way.  I know people who complain about underdone wings/pizza on a regular basis. My first question to them is "Did you order it crispy/well done?" The answer is almost always, "No."  It only take a second to do. I highly recommend it!

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  13. 10 hours ago, ArdmoreRyno said:


    We went to "No Name Bar" which was GREAT. Food wasn't spectacular, but a solid 7 out of 10. Lots of alcohol choices. 


    But they had a dozen TV with NFL Sunday Ticket and even had the announcers over the speaker system instead of it being muted. If I end up back there during season in the future, I'll def. go there again. They even had Bills stuff on the wall, but they let me add my own sticker and Oklahoma State sticker :)



     (My dad and I, he's 71 and is as active as a 30 year old... looks more like he's 50!)





    Yes, because NO ONE answered in the "Off the Wall" forum. Not sure anyone ever goes on there. 



    Glad you had fun. And your dad does look great for his age.


    I can't understand why anyone would get upset at you asking the board for a Bills bar rec. This seems to be the perfect place for that question. And I know Off the Wall doesn't get enough action, especially if you are in a bit of a hurry for the info. The Bills Bar website always seems to be woefully out of date. Still worth checking out IMO.

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  14. 2 hours ago, The Jokeman said:

    Welcome back Dean. I'm guessing Poyer's not coming back this season.


    It's amazing the giant leaps people make with minimal information. Hines signs: They are done with Cook.  Marlow signs: Poyer is done for the year.  Seriously?  Anyone ever year of depth?


    I'm not saying Poyer won't be out. I'm not even sure the Bills know for sure at the moment. Just don't know why you would immediately jump to the most extreme conclusion.


    2 hours ago, CLTbills said:

    So we've given up a 6 and a 7 and added quality depth. 



    Add Moss to what they gave up. But it looks like a classic Beane move that should help the team moving forward, IMO. Nothing splashy, just smart.


    There may be a FA move coming, as well.

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  15. 1 hour ago, boater said:

    The Buyer for Duffs should get a raise. Their wings are the meatiest.


    My problem with Duffs wings: they are too wet, even when you order them crispy. I like a crisp wing, not a soggy mess.


    I wish I liked Duffs more--I live near one.



    The last time I was able to have Duffs (Sheridan Dr), the wings were served in a bowl of sauce. And they were as crispy as any order of wings I have even had. Properly cooked wings shouldn't lose their crispness due to an excess of sauce, IMO. For the record, I always order my wings Extra Crispy. Maybe that's the difference.

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  16. 3 minutes ago, Gugny said:


    We got to the Bar Bill at 4pm that same day (Saturday before the Steelers game).  We ended up waiting three hours for a table.  Granted, we had a party of ten; but three hours is definitely a record.  Luckily it wasn't unbearably cold and it wasn't raining.  And yes ... it was totally worth it!




    I refuse to wait more than 10-15 minutes unless it is waiting in/at the bar. I can be coerced into a slightly long wait outside IF they'll bring  me a complimentary drink/beer/wine

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