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  1. 2 hours ago, Buffalo Super Fan said:

    The bottom line is for now the NFL owners feel comfortable about Western New York economically going forward with the Buffalo Bills in a new Highmark Stadium or the NFL wouldn’t have approved it instead choosing to look for way out of Western New York. Also even Terry Pegula said the NFL owners would have preferred that Terry Pegula built a dome stadium not a open air again he said it in one of those new Bills stadium videos. I don’t think the empty seats in December is an economic issue it’s a I don’t want to freeze going to the football game issue. Terry Pegula thinks his great idea will work with canopies and heated seats. I personally think this will be another of Terry Pegula’s great ideas that fall short of expectations like the Buffalo Sabres tank the Bills should have domed the whole stadium so Bills fans have more weather certainty that would have increased the odds that the higher price Bills tickets would sellout in my opinion. Go Bills! Let’s Go Buffalo 

    Doesn't really matter if you can't get there by car. You just have to buy the tickets. No one worries about whether you'll actually show up or not.

  2. I want to add, “honest officiating.” Since the inclusion of legalized gambling on NFL games, there’s no way you can convince me that it isn’t affecting outcomes. Additionally, on field officiating is clearly being influenced by higher agendas, such as marketing and TV revenue.


    I understand that the NFL is a big business. It is still a “sport” and should be determined by the players on the field and not by the money-changers.

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  3. 11 minutes ago, Logic said:

    - Diggs was invisible. Was this simply a matter of gameplanning against a specific opponent? Will Joe Brady find good and creative ways to get Diggs involved going forward?

    Honestly, he dropped a few at the start. That said, why attack Sauce and his shadow double coverage when you have other guys running open. This is a concept that Dorsey did not understand. It is a part of taking what they give you, and not taking unnecessary risks.

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  4. Rumor was floating around that Diggs' issues were with Dorsey and not McD. He and many others hated the Dorsey offense and eventually stopped playing hard for him.


    I have no idea if this is true or not, but it sure seems plausible to me.

  5. 13 minutes ago, BigAl2526 said:

    I agree that there have been issues with Dorsey's work this season, but the performance of the offense last evening was on the players.  Specifically, the turnovers were perhaps the most important factor in the Bills' loss, and that is on the players.  Unfortunately, this wasn't a single player issue.  Cook, Davis and Allen all bore responsibility.  You can't bench all of them, and probably not any of them.   They all need to do a better job holding on to the football. 

    Don't you think that the discipline and focus needed to execute at a high level is the direct responsibility of the coordinator?

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  6. 5 minutes ago, starrymessenger said:

    Agree. And I'm especially concerned about McD's input when it comes to hiring a new OC. I tend to doubt that he would want a promising young face for fear that the guy would show him up. 

    I think you're incorrect about that. Dorsey is an "I'm the smartest guy in the room" type guy. Remember the temper tantrum? Yes, he is a bright young mind. He is exceptionally smart. But, anyone who thinks they're so much smarter than the rest is bound to fail. You also typically lose the respect of your subordinants too, because you simply do not listen to their input, or put them in the best position to take advantage of their strengths. Instead, you force them into positions that suit you.


    So, Dorsey tried to show-up McD and the other coaches every day. He also tried to do the same to his offense.


    Buh bye, Kenny!

  7. 1 minute ago, TheFunPolice said:

    I think there are major issues between players and McDermott and until he is gone we're just spinning our wheels. I'm fine with giving him the rest of the season because aside from Leslie Frazier there's nobody "on staff" that I would want to take over on an interim basis. But he needs to go, barring some miracle turnaround. 


    The team peaked at 13 seconds and has gotten worse every year since. Now the wheels are falling off and eventually players are going to start talking, even if it's "anonymous sources" type stuff. 


    McDermott is done here, the only question is how much time we waste between now and a new voice in the locker room as HC. 



    You just can't clean house mid-season, especially during a short week. That's a move you make in the off season. Plus, no outside coach will talk to you until you have already moved on from the current guy. IMO, this will happen only if they continue to look like crap the rest of the way. We'll see soon enough.

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