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  1. Yep…I just got 4 general admission…only waited in queue for a few minutes.
  2. One of the best episodes….”one in a million shot doc…”
  3. $15.99 for a single order (10) of kickin bourbon molasses at La Nova in Amherst last week….expensive but tasty.
  4. Nothing in the sideline clubs…Dunn, Toyota, or Pepsi?
  5. Any luck with tickets today? Just wondering as I’m up on Friday.
  6. My window is Friday at noon. I hope there are a couple of club seats left by then…the email said the inventory was limited.
  7. It was electric from start to finish. Sat next to @Shaw66 and really enjoyed talking to him during the game. I was at the 51-3 AFCG against the Raiders and this game rivaled it. I’m still processing how good Josh and the offense were…complete domination of the Patriots and their defensive mastermind.
  8. 24 miles…live in Clarence now…need to change my handle.
  9. Received the same email yesterday. Been with DirecTV for about twenty years now...not sure what the catch is other than maintaining a minimum package of at least $29.99. Had ST Max free last year too but it was a struggle to get it...several calls and couple of scheduled cancellations before they finally offered it.
  10. I live less than 10 minutes from FSK mall, and while I hope the new Anchor Bar location succeeds, I think the odds are against it. The place used to be a Lonestar steakhouse that survived for a number years, but after it went out, the next two restaurants (Chinese buffet and a Tilted Kilt) went out of business very quickly. It seems restaurants in that location can't compete with the neighbors...Olive Garden, Applebees, and Golden Corral...three of the worst chains out there. Every time I drive by on a weekend there are lines of people waiting to get into all of them....hard to figure out as there are much better local options available 10 minutes away on Market Street in downtown Frederick.
  11. Yeah I was really surprised when they threw in the gift card at the end. As others have recommended, I just politely ask for customer retention and tell them my discounts have expired and my bill is too high and I’m going to cancel. They usually thank me for my loyalty and come back with a counter offer. I usually decline the movie channels as I’m gunning for ST every year....if they ever lose ST I’m definitely going to cancel.
  12. I made my annual call a couple of weeks ago. I had to sign a one year contract, but here’s the offer I received: $30 off my monthly bill for 12 months ST Max for free $200 VISA gift card I’ve been a customer for 17/20 years and this may have been the best deal I’ve received to date.
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