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  1. 6 minutes ago, Caesar said:

    McDermott gifted you guys the #2 seed and if you beat the Bengals, an AFC Championship at a neutral site.  That's pretty amazing.....

    So what actually transpired? Per multiple sources who requested anonymity given the sensitive nature of the situation, Bengals players were informed by a member of the officiating crew that the game against the Bills would resume in 10 minutes.

    As one source explained it, Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow began throwing on the sideline after the Bengals noticed that Bills receiver Stefon Diggs was trying to get his teammates appropriately motivated to continue the game.

    As the Bengals prepared to continue to play, it eventually became obvious that would not happen. At least one player heard Bills coach Sean McDermott say that the Bills would not continue, even if it meant forfeiting the game.

    The Bengals were willing to accommodate the Bills. One player heard Bengals coach Zac Taylor offer to resume the game on Tuesday. Bengals players generally accepted the prospect of a one-day delay.

    But then the Bills left Cincinnati. Multiple Bengals players were confused by that development as it occurred. On one hand, they were sensitive to the situation involving Damar Hamlin. On the other hand, they fully realized the stakes of the game. They wanted to get it played.

    Bengals players were in the dark all week about the status of the game. They first heard that the game would be cancelled when the league announced it on Thursday night. Before that, they didn’t know whether they’d play the Ravens on Sunday or the Bills. Some thought they possibly would play the Bills on Thursday night.

    For the Bengals, it’s a touchy subject. They understand that a serious health condition occurred. But they also believe that they have been given a raw deal by the league, both by canceling a game they wanted to play and by changing the rules regarding playoff seeding. The Bengals could have secured the No. 1 or No. 2 by beating the Bills. Now, their best-case scenario is No. 2, if they beat the Ravens and if the Bills lose to the Patriots.

    Absolutely amazing that the league would change a rule on the books right before the playoffs....



    Maybe you didn't see the Chiefs won last night. The Bengals can't and couldn't secure the 1 seed. Their best case scenario is still the 2 seed. And there was absolutely no guarantee they would have beaten the Bills anyway. This is like crying over spilt milk. Get over it. 

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  2. Flew to Vegas.

    Placed a $1000 bet on the Bills. 

    Then drove to Pasadena to watch the Bills get destroyed 52-17 in Superbowl 27.

    Heckled relentlessly by Dallas fans the entire game. 

    Got to see Garth Brooks sing the National Anthem.

    Michael Jackson halftime show.

    Don Beebe chase down Leon Lett. 

    And OJ Simpson coin toss a year before he murdered Nicole. 

    Long drive back to Vegas and flight back to Buffalo. 







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  3. 1 hour ago, BuffaloBillyG said:

    Never thought I'd live long enough to see the QB of our very own Buffalo Bills be the biggest "rock star" in the NFL. Not only is Allen such a great player....but he's an even better human being. There is even a thread on the Pats message board where they talk about how hard it is to dislike him. He's just impossible to root against. 


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  4. Kind of off topic, but I was wondering if anyone knows of any "family" type places to watch the game? I wanted to sit in a booth for 3 or 4 hours, ordering wings, and watching the game with my wife and kids. Someplace where I can enjoy the game with other fans, but also see and hear the game clearly, and they won't be upset if I'm taking up a booth for hours on end. Sorry i generally just watch it in my living room, so I'm out of the loop, but this game is kinda special. And what time should I get there to ensure a place to sit? 

  5. The practice "interviewing" that he did with his dad has really paid unbelievable dividends. Listening to him it's crazy how good he at it. If you listen carefully, he never, ever says "um...".  That's actually really hard to do... 

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