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This is a fitness/healthy club. I specialize in training men lose 20 lbs of fat and doubling their strength in 90 days without giving up their weekend diet, so I wanted to start a club where I can help people out and provide them with daily tips and motivation.


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  2. Hey buddy. Thanks for sharing. It's very common for people to lose a bunch of weight fast and then put it back on. (Believe it or not, upwards of 95 percent of people will lose a ton of weight and regain it after 3 years) Let me ask you a few things to start: 1. how many calories were you taking in when you lost the weight? 2. how many calories roughly are you taking in now and how much protein are you getting roughly per day?
  3. OP, starting in 2019, I dropped ca. 70 lbs. from 285 (combo interval exercise, jogging, counting calories), and then ultimately gained some of that back to where now I hover between 230-235. The biggest problem for me has been a slower resting metabolism where I’m practically starving or doing crazy amounts of exercise to drop anything, which is not sustainable—my target is 215 range, but it’s tough sledding!
  4. How To Still Lose Fat While Not Giving Up Your Weekend Diet One of the biggest mistakes people make is they do fairly well Monday-Friday, but then as soon as the weekend comes they go off the rails. If you are trying to lose fat, here are a few strategies I would give you if you still want to have some beers and enjoy your foods on the weekend: 1. To know how many calories you need to take it, get your weight in pounds and times it by 10. So let's say you are 200 lbs. Times 200 by 10. That would be 2000 calories, and that is the rough amount you should be eating per day to lose fat. 2. Think of the calories as a budget. 2000 calories per day. 7 days a week. That equals 14,000 calories for the week. How are you going to use those calories? Are you going to have 2000 every day? Or are you going to reach 14,000 by lowering the 2000 on a few days, so you can go higher on a few days? At the end of the day, how you reach the 14,000 for the week is up to you. The mistake most people make is they will have 2000 calories per day Monday-Friday, and then on Saturday and Sunday they will have 3000 plus. They failed to account for the high calories day which is why they are stuck at a weight plateau. 3. Protein: Get your body weight in pounds and times it by .8. That is how much protein you should be having every day. So if you weight 200 LBS, 160 grams of protein should be your goal. 4. On the weekend high calorie days, have low calorie/high protein foods in the morning. This will be a great way to get your protein in and also will prevent overeating. Protein will keep you full longer relative to carbs and fats. 5. Go for a workout or walk in the morning. So if the Bills play at 1 and that's when the feast starts, get your steps in early or lift some weights in the morning. Do these 5 tips and I promise you you can lose fat while still enjoying the foods and drinks you love. If you have any questions please let me know.
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