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Hapless Bills Fan

Do the Bills use VR systems and other SOFTA tools?

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In the "St John Fisher Dorm Tour" a couple years back, Tyrod Taylor showed a VR system he said he was using.  In predraft interviews, it was mentioned that Lamar Jackson used one at Louisville that helped him understand plays and progressions and made him a better QB.


We have some guys here with occasional inside skinny - can any of you tell me if the Bills utilize this type of system as an adjunct for player development?  (this shouldn't be something that would jeopordize your source)


On 9/11/2018 at 9:11 AM, 26CornerBlitz said:




I ask in part because, if it's true Coleman is not a visual learner eg can't read the playbook and master it, if a team has invested $3.5M in a guy it would seem as though a VR system is a tool that might help realize the investment.

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