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The Bills Last Season

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I have some thoughts about last season. They may not be original and definitely not the official narrative but I am going to present them to be torn apart anyway. 


 McDermott can run defense very well. The forced turnovers are reflection of preconditioning. This point may be obvious to some but I need it to set a tone. It's my segue into something greater. 


 The defense had a 3 game streak that was terrible. Out of the ordinary kinda bad. Then came back to it's original form. My theory is that McDermott had lost the defensive side of the ball to a mutiny during that period. 


I think that a struggling offense makes the defenses job harder every game. I think that forcing a turn over and seeing it go to waste can effect morale. To hold the field and march right back onto it after a quick 4 downs from offense. I think Dareus was involved. 


I think the real reason Nathan Peterman started was to qwell rebellion. I think more eyes were looking for a change then you would think. I think they grew tired of Tyrod casually walking off the field saying "I'll get em next time you just get the ball back." 


Then whispers about a kid named Nathan Peterman start to turn into chants. The kid throws the ball the voices say. Everything is falling apart and McDermott manned up and started Nathan Peterman. 


That is when everything stabilized. The defense held up and the offense limped along for the ride. McDermott took all the blame to prove a point. My feelings only confirmed by what happened in the playoffs. The point was proven to the defense and it did it's job regardless....


I'm not trying change anyones mind. It's just a strange suspicion I've always had about last season. It's also the reason I really believe in McDermott as a HC. I think once he has his OC it will be a fun time to be a Bills fan. 

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