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  1. 58 minutes ago, SCBills said:

    Do we find out how iron clad Article 5 is?



    Putin wants to use his nukes so bad....he needs to tell his peeps that countries of the west and nato are going to attack...giving him cause to unleash nukes. It appears clear to me. His cannot win a ground war, or air war and certainly not a naval war...

    Pulling his troops out of key areas, firing another general to blame and now this. 

    Time is getting near for major decisions.

  2. 13 hours ago, T master said:


    If a gay person because of their believes don't want to sell a straight person a cake WHO CARES ? No One !!


    If a religious person because of their believes don't want to sell a gay person a cake WHO CARES ? The Gay community !!


    So what you are asking is if one person has a belief that being gay is okay that's cool & should be accepted in all walks of life for every one, but if another believes that believing in their religious ways is okay their believes are not cool & shouldn't be excepted but be considered hateful thoughts if in disagreement & should change ?  


    Shouldn't both opinions be okay after all this is America one should not over rule the other . If when i was a kid another kid didn't like me for what i liked or didn't i stayed away from them unless of course they came looking for a fight then game on but just go your own way what's the big deal ?


    The only reason why this is a issue is because they are purposely trying to bring attention to the subject just go get your cake somewhere else i'm sure there is some one out there that will happily sell you a cake .


    Is it wrong to believe in your religion ? Is it wrong to stand up for what you believe as a individual ? The gay community does but it's not right for the straight community or religious community to ?


    Why does someones sexual orientation has to be brought into it EVERY TIME if that's your choice that's fine but if i choose a different set of beliefs or rules to follow it's not, don't push yours on me & try to make me look like the bad guy because of what i believe ? 


    America has become way to freakin sensitive just live & let live !! 


    If i decide to not pay my loans or bills & i go to a bank for a loan & they don't want to loan me the money because i have personally chosen to not pay my bills is that wrong of them to not loan me the money ?


    If because i choose to drink & have wrecked my car numerous times & hurt people while doing so & they take my license or refuse me insurance because of my decision to drink is that wrong ?


    There are things that are just out & out wrong & if done with hate or malice then okay that person is ignorant (which there are a lot of those in this world) & needs to be called on it,  but if it is just a difference of opinions of life styles & done because of their personal beliefs just move on life has way to much BS in it as it is don't add to it . 


    This will piss off some people for sure but i'm just using this as a comparison  - in the grand scheme of things we were made (weather you believe in a higher power or not) to be man and women for a reason right ? Just like (for the sake of conversation) metric bolts & nuts were made this way for a reason & standard bolts & nuts for a reason as most things are made for a certain purpose .


    They were made to fit their individual others to originally serve that purpose  BUT !! you can make a standard nut fit a metric bolt or visa versa and it will fit if forced & hold but that doesn't mean that is what its original intention was but it does work .


    So just do what you want & unless justified due to some kind of malice or hatred just go about your business be happy & leave the other stuff lie life is to short !! 

    I see your thinking, thanks for spending the time. 

    I personally do not care if the bakery ever sells a cake. 

    What I saw was people hiding behind religion, hating gays. But...extend that to other religious groups being denied..because of beliefs.

    How does the bakery know the people are gay? Can not they just buy a cake from the bakery display without saying they are gay. Does the bakery post a sign for gays not to enter. Is it neon. Is it just these guys. If the lettering was pornographic they certainly have the right to deny a sale.

    Business should be able to reject clients but they cannot use religion or protected status to do so. Can the Jewish owned flour mill refuse to sell to this bakery because of their religion.

    Sorry, I cannot accept a sign in the window of a Muslim owned restaurant that Christians are not welcomed. Or maybe we just use a color code system.


  3. 4 hours ago, Chef Jim said:

    Yup and Trader Joe’s would cease to exist. Your problem solved.  Would you politely ask if a couple guys in Nazi uniforms who were freaking out your customers to leave? 

    So my gay son is equated to a Nazi by you. 

    So the bakery has a questionnaire when ordering.

    1. Are you gay

    2.is this an arranged marriage

    3. Do you use birth control

    4. Do you believe in abortion

    5. Do you go to a church or synagogue 


    Chef....you are on a slippery slope. Protest are part of society, illegal protests are dealt with by police. Blockades are illegal. 

    But Jan 6th protest methods are ok?

    Have a good day...

  4. 11 hours ago, Chef Jim said:

    In my opinion?  Absolutely!  There are a million other restaurants I can go to.  It’s your business. You have not discriminated against me based on my sex, race, religion or sexual orientation.  

    Well, for sure we are on opposite sides of this discussion.

    Can't wait for the neon sign version of your position.  "Trader Joe's" made only for Christians for Christians. 

    Have a good day

  5. 10 hours ago, Chef Jim said:

    Great question.  Because I am not discriminating against you based on YOUR sex, race or religion.  I have made a business decision not to provide you a product or service because it goes against MY faith.  As a matter of fact I’ll even help you find a business that WILL help you.  It’s kind of the old George Costanza line.  “It’s not you….it’s me!”  

    And we are getting all worked up over something that likely very rarely happens. 

    Oh and what law am I being exempt from by not offering a product or service? 

    As a Roman Catholic who does not support the use of birth control, or abortion, do I have the right to not serve you in my restaurant if you believe and use birth control or have an abortion.

    Is this not a similar situation.

    11 hours ago, OrangeBills said:


    It's as simple as that is how our country came to be formed and continues to be standing...it's also part of the reason the country survived and thrived and IS the nation you (presumably) reside in today.   


    Feels to me like (in general) the American Left takes a whole helluva lot for granted these days.


    Life on this rock ain't easy...amazing civilizations just don't "appear" out of nowhere...and have have NEVER, EVER emerged when the type of principles the American Left wants to apply and live by have been dominant.  Not ever.  Those principles HAVE led to the demise of civilizations many times over, though


    Not sure what you said, but, by practicing your religion as the US constitution guarantees does that give you the right to discriminate against other religions or people who do not support your religion. Can a public business specify they only sell goods and services to those in certain religions.


  6. 2 hours ago, Chef Jim said:


    Why is refusing to accept business due to part of the agreement goes against your religious beliefs not acceptable to you? 


    Since when did "we refuse the right to serve anyone......" become irrelevant?  

    So my religion is antisemitic because Jews killed Christ? I will not serve Jews? 100% wrong for society.

    Nobody's religion trumps society. You open a business to the public, it means everyone, within legal terms , not religious issues.

    Serving or not serving a drunk is societal and legal.

    One day, when the US is dominated by Muslims, not Christians you may wish you had thought differently.


    Ps, why do you not answer questions but only seem to ask them.




  7. 1 hour ago, Chef Jim said:

    I agree with B-Man here. The only question worth debating is your first point.


    So I will follow up your question with a question.  How would you feel if a caterer who was Muslim refused to cater a party because they wanted to serve alcohol?  

    I would say you have the right to accept or decline any business for your establishment, but I do not believe serving of alcohol is legitimate. Being too busy is. Unable to fulfill is another. 

    I suggest that putting a picture or words on a cake that is pornographic or suggestive is a reason, but not because I disagree with your life style.

    Since thec11th century Christians have fought Muslims, not a reason for refusal, IMHO.

    Would a Muslim have the right to deny employment based on alcohol?


    But thanks for your thoughts.

    Confusing to me...a small step that concerns me.


  8. (Please understand this is not sarcasm), trying to wrap my head around such rulings. 

    So the California judge says religious beliefs is a good reason not to sell wedding cake to gay couple.

    Where does that lead to by extension?

    Can refuse any sale to gay couple...cup cakes, donuts? Or just the symbolic cake?

    Can refuse to hire any gay or just married gay?

    Can refuse to rent house to gay couple? 

    Is the reverse also OK, that a gay merchant doesn't have to sell goods to religious group who do not support gay rights? Or is it just illegal to not discriminate based on religion.

    Does gay also then extend to atheists, since they are not religious?


    Just some thoughts on a Tuesday! It feels so offside to the US constitution.


    Any serious commentary would be appreciated.


  9. 15 hours ago, Magox said:

    McKenzie tripped on that play.  He went to plant his foot to try to stop and receive the ball and as he was attempting to plant his left foot he tripped up.  It threw his body out of wack of what otherwise would have been a simple catch for him.

    I do wonder if concussion hangover creates some reaction or balance issues even though they are cleared. He has done some great things but now seems a little off.

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  10. 35 minutes ago, Tiberius said:

    Nancy is a good one! California is a capitalist dream and mess, victim of their own amazing success. 



    Capitalist dream if you sell drugs or are a slum lord.

    A beautiful state, rich in culture and abundance of land but what did she add, drugs, injection sites, illegal rights, poor education. 

    You don't have to drive too far from Stanford Cardinal land to see the other side of what she has helped create in a state so lush and wealthy.

  11. 23 hours ago, Tiberius said:

    Nancy ?? Yes sir. You are drunk on Fox news if you don't think so 

    Cali has freedoms?

    And I wouldn't watch Fox news if it was the only channel. In fact, in Canada you have to pay a premium to watch it...that would be a waste. 

    But freedom is not giving my money to illegals for housing, food, education, medical and protectionwhen they do not even pay taxes. 

    Freedom for illegals in her mind is more important than mine or yours.

    She is the ultimate NIMBY. 

    I didn't see Obama open his Martha's house for a busload.

    Protection for drug users, injection sites, no penalty, is nothing more than taking away freedoms from other tax payers and enhancing cartels business plans. It has forced military style policing. 

    Have you read crime stats at all. 

    And tax paying citizens foot the bill. 

    The balloon is over inflated.

    And by the way, I think trump was the second biggest mistake the US citizens ever made in Presidential elections. Obama was the worst and regardless of some minor break in during the greatest election victory in 100 years Nixon was an incredible Pres. So as you see, I do not pick sides, just issues.


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  12. 23 hours ago, Tiberius said:

    You don't care, you welcome the help of that government. They are picking your side, so you don't care. 


    Come over and choose freedom and free government

    Let's see...AOC is freedom?

    Nancy is freedom?

    Joe is freedom?

    Seriously Tibs.....

    Is freedom giving a country over to illegal immigrants, 

    Is freedom tax and giveaways 

    Is freedom allowing your enemies control your energy sources

    Is freedom having your government pass more laws in a month to control you than most countries pass in a decade

    Is freedom  allowing career criminals back onto the streets to terrorize working citizen's 

    I certainly have chosen freedom,  and pre 1990s so did the US. Then Clinton, Obama were the ones who limited freedom. The latest version of dems is worse.


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  13. Oil is necessary to fight a war, collectively the Russkies and Saudi criminals have a great deal to control access. 

    Biden rejected oil from Canada which gave Putin the chance for the choke hold.

    So, America must establish supply lines from Canada and SA to stay safe. Nato must find a way to keep warm or Putin wins.

    If nukes get used....who gives a flying F.

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  14. 44 minutes ago, The Wiz said:

    I think he's hit his peak. He has nothing more to offer. 


    He can put at the work in he wants but it's not gonna make him even 1% better. 

    He is at least a Michael Vick, who was never really great except in the press. 

    I always find it amusing how some spend their time saying how much TTa is better than you think when entering the NFL and also how poor Josh will be.


  15. 13 hours ago, Coach Tuesday said:

    Literally the opposite is true.

    Sorry, wrong. When a pass catching rb enters game and never runs the ball, it helps the d. Change of pace backs are also easy prey for Def coordinators. 

    Even Thurmans successful back ups were similar styles. 

    If you do not have a dominate back who gets you 100 yards, you really have no running game to be feared. It is the fear to Def coordinators that changes a game plan.

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