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  1. 1 hour ago, BuffaloBob said:

    My hatred for the loss of the braves will always be with John Y. Brown.  He's the one who shed the Braves of all of their great players so that he could  trade franchises with the owners of the Celtics, so that they could take the Braves to San Diego and he could own the Celtics.  Just a few short seasons later, that apparently got old and he sold the Celtics.


     sure didn't help that the owner didn't give a crap about basketball or winning only how much profit he could make....  same POS that owns the Hyatt in downtown buffalo now. still a cheap prick bastard. 

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  2. 3 hours ago, Element115 said:


    I watched Baldy's breakdown and he basically said Oliver was stonewalled all night.  I think fan reaction to anything negative about Oliver is just a bit over the top.  He's undersized, and so far it shows. Lets see what happens the next game! 

    you need to go watch that again because that is not even close to what he said...  

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  3. 20 minutes ago, Buffalo Barbarian said:

    He doesn't like the idea of the jets trade and he is flipping out on the radio. Now he wants it to happen so he can be pissed off all year. Pure gold right there !!!


    Im not a fan of the trade either but if this happens i will take some enjoyment in his being triggered, lol.



    and if that trade turns the Bills defense into Elite level it would be even better!!!  Im sure he would think the bills where dumb for trading for Bennett back in the day

  4. 1 hour ago, Shaw66 said:

    Of course, this data is cherry picked.  Wentz had a completion percentage of 62.4; Allen was 52.8.   That's a very important difference.  


    The result is that their passer ratings were very different:  79.3 vs. 67.9.   A passer rating in the high 70s is pretty good; many good rookies finish there, and some not so good (EJ Manuel, for example).   A rookie passer rating in the high 60s is not good.  


    Personally, I think Josh will have a completion percentage over 60% this season, because the Bills will stress to him the importance of throwing shorter passes to increase his completion percentage.  But what I think and what actually happens often are two dramatically different things.  


    Josh needs to be better to be effective.   

     Did Philly have a 5 minute video of all the drops after Wentz's rookie year??   Completion Percentage only tells some of the story.... Wentz had a better line, Josh ran for his life most games. Wentz had real WR....  Buffalo had ?????   

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  5. Just now, Johnny Hammersticks said:

    Apparently he really hates Buffalo.  Not just the city, but the organization and fans also.  After he got done urinating on it (Rosenhaus was holding it for him), he took it by the brim and farted on it.  Then he burned it, went to Sonic, and got a chili dog and a strawberry limeade.  Sorry I don’t have a link.  Does this make you angry?



    the only thing that would make me angry is if he somehow didn't urinate on Rosenhaus...  LOL

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  6. Sounds to me that he's a little butt hurt the bills didn't want him to be honest.   " I gonna make sure you go to a good team with a good QB".  and he goes to the 4-12 Raiders???? 

        Give me a break he wanted to go somebody that would pay him....   It all he cares about...   Good enjoy your money and losing.

    1 minute ago, eball said:

    AB continuing to bring up Buffalo completely reeks of someone who is upset that Buffalo didn't want to cave in to his demands.





     THIS...right here...    

  7. 28 minutes ago, JerseyBills said:

    Ya exactly. I think that's going to be the expectations going forward. Deep down we knew we weren't good enough on both sides. 

    We already have an elite d . And should have a vastly improved offense. I really like our chances this upcoming year 



    love what they have done and we still have the draft, now they have to fit all those pieces together... might take a while....   but I like where they are headed!  

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