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  1. 1 minute ago, Kirby Jackson said:


    I guess that we just have a different level of expectation for this team then. I honestly believe that they should have challenged the ‘07 Pats for largest point differential in a season. I felt like +315 was realistic. My expectation was something like 15-2 with an average margins of victory of 3 scores a game. 

    The Bills are clearly one of the best teams in football. Coming into this year I believed that that had a chance to be one of the great teams ever. They aren’t that at this point. The level of satisfaction, to this point, depends on your expectations. They haven’t consistently played to the level that I think they’re capable of. 

    With all the injuries be happy the defense isn't worse. 07 Pats didn't have that problem.

  2. 11 minutes ago, Kirby Jackson said:

    IMO, the Bills haven’t played to their level this year. They have had good 1/2’s (Titans, Rams, Steelers) but have yet to put together 4 solid quarters. Just a feeling, but today is the day. I think, coming out of today, we will be reminded why the Bills are STILL the Super Bowl Favorite (at least on DraftKings at +400).

    It's not the Bills fault backups played in those games b.c they put the game away in 3 quarters. 


    To say they didn't put 4 solid quarters together all season is a lie, they won a close game against Ravens and KC which needed 4 good quarters to win.

  3. 34 minutes ago, Chaos said:

    Just to be clear, the stat is for FIRST super bowl together. Obviously, Bradshaw/Noll, Montana/Walsh, Brady Belicheck and a couple of others went on to later championships. 



    You may or may not realize that Reid was fired along the way.  And the team that fired him won a super bowl before he did. Winning a super bowl does not even necessarily generate guaranteed employment in the NFL.  Ron Rivera, Doug Pederson, and MIke McCarthy are current coaches who were all fired by their teams after post-super bowl failures.   Rivera could not replicate the magic he found with Newton.  Rodgers himself decided McCarthy was wasting his talents.   And Green Bay concurred.   Its hard to stay employed as a coach in the NFL. 

    What I am saying is it's McDermott first time as HC and many of those on the list failed many times before they got onto a team that won a Super Bowl.


    It's why the half completed list doesn't tell the real story.

  4. 6 hours ago, Dr.Sack said:

    Will this be called the “game of the year”? And if it is, will the Bills win? 

    If the Bills win by too much it wont look good and if they win a "close game" it wont look good... need to win by just the right amount. 

  5. 5 hours ago, BillsFan4 said:

    Yeah. Connor Bedard. Probably easily the best 1st overall since McDavid.






    but as bad as this 8 game losing streak has been I think the Sabres will likely finish outside the bottom 3. I don’t think they’ll truly be in the race for Bedard.

    Buffalo luck, they’d finish last and lose the lottery anyway😂. I can’t do another mcdavid draft heart break. 

    Yea but would he play NHL immediately or would the Sabres keep him in the lower leagues for 5 years?

  6. 16 minutes ago, EmotionallyUnstable said:

    Related question - who we pulling for this weekend in Jets/Pats?


    I have to imagine (gulp - tries not to puke - gags) the Cheats? 


    You root for a tie... other than that it doesn't really matter b.c neither team will end up with a record as good as the Bills. 

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