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  1. https://postimg.cc/DWbzRRNP https://postimg.cc/PNdD9zWv https://postimg.cc/67L3fg1j https://postimg.cc/Lnc8K2cQ Thank you kindly to whomever suggested this workaround for the android. Hadnt heard of this site before.
  2. Having trouble adding pics from android. Only option i see is creating link but i think it makes a link to my google album? I dunno ***** why is this hard to add an attachment from photos on phone?
  3. Autographed bruuuuce jersey and the Dominator. Hand painted jersey from a comic that does stuff like this on the side. I would probably part with these if anyone is interested but it'd be $1k plus. Been a reader on here for over a year ever since OBD message board went down so this is first post. What better time than to show off the collection. Also have an authentic helmet signed by kelly. Looks game used but im pretty sure it isnt.
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