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  1. Apparently your throwback HELMET has to be the same color as your current one. That's why during the 90s when they did throwbacks of the standing Buffalo it had to be a Red Helmet with a White Standing Buffalo, if you remember?
  2. Because they could call those penalties on almost every single play - it's a contact sport. But it's WHICH plays they decided to actually make the calls that can change everything. It's always The Crucal 3rd and 4th downs and on the Interception and the field goal neutral zone infraction. Unsportsmanlike Conduct? That should be on both the players; but never Tommy. He makes me want to vomit
  3. It was the last part of the first half. That's when the Refs decided Tampa was going to win. The Brady Interception negated was a manufactured Flag. The "Neutral Zone infraction" was manufactured. The Pass Interference when the defender tripped was manufactured. The Refs changed the emotion of the game on those three Flags. That's all it takes. That's what they did for YEARS for New England. Now it's obvious that it's Brady they favor. Because it's all a script guys. Did you see how many close ups they kept showing of this guy every 3 minutes?!? Go to the NFL website. Every other image is of him. He's The movie star of the league and that's what sells. The league is officially designated as an Entertainment Group. Like WWE. Not a Sports League. Look it up. Brady is Still "The Guy" they want to be the face of the league.
  4. The penalties - which were very obviously initiated by the Ref who wanted Brady to win - created a downward spiral. A few strategically placed flags on crucial 3rd downs change a game completely.
  5. All I know is how embarassing it was to watch the refs kiss Brady's ass all night. Especially the last drive of the First half. It's just so interesting the way flags suddenly come out on the crucial plays in favor of Brady to keep drives alive. All the time. For 20 years. It's like he's the star of this series and it's all about him. Commenators kiss his ass all night too... and have you ever noticed how many close ups they keep showing of him ALL THE TIME??? A phantom holding call to negate Brady's interception? Hmm. Reply shows slight contact within 5 yards. Which is legal, first of all, but that contact could be called on basically EVERY PLAY. Why this one? Hmm. Then later the defender trips and grazes the receiver's foot making him fall while the ball sails 7 feet over his head? Yep that's Pass interfenece. Then KC forces a FG, but....wait, nope, the defender....uhhh...lined up Offside... yea, that's what happened. Replay showed no Offside. But conveniently it resulted in a..... First Down. Then a TD? Hmm. It's always made me so sick I have to turn off the TV when the script has to star Brady. Did you know the NFL is officially designated as an Entertainment company, like WWE? Not a sports league.
  6. The most ominous problem to me is how our amazing Offense essentially disappeared in the playoff games. We may not be nearly as good next year folks. Teams have figured Josh Out. He's easily flustered. The past 3 games He's given me lots of reasons to doubt him. Josh may be a Carson Wentz.....
  7. We need a Thurman Thomas. And for that to work we need a bigger Offensive Line. Josh was running for his life the whole game. The main reason the No Huddle worked was our Huge O-Line gave Kelly & Thomas time to work. We also need a Bigger D-Line. Lighter-Quicker is obviously not the answer. I've never seen more of an inability to make adjustments. The minute Soft Zone was obviosuly NOT working, you switch to tight Man-Man coverage. Zone Defense Sucks - all you have to do is throw in between the Zones. Which KC did. Can someone Tell me WHY WHY WHY anyone EVER plays Zone Defense?
  8. He was it. Maybe some of the younger guys here don't realize that he was THE face and voice of the NFL in the 1990s. He hosted NFL Game Day on Sunday Morning then NFL Primetime on Sunday night; they were THE shows you watched. There was no internet. There was no checkiing your phone for highlights. You waited until it came on your TV set and his face and voice and personality were what you got. ESPN. And the fact that he was an obvious Bills fan was so cool. He was sort of like Kyle Brandt; but more popular, because there just weren't any other shows.....and he was proud of his Bills fandom....
  9. And Daboll - or anybody else - should NOT be allowed to interview for any job until your team is elimated from the playoffs. This is distracting for him. It obviously showed yesterday with the offense not being as good as it could have been yesterday. That used to be the rule, but I think it's new Covid rules that are allowing them to interview. If Daboll leaves I lose all respect for him. I don't care. Think about it. You grow up a Bills fan; you go have a good career in coarching all over the country. Then you move home; back to Buffalo where he grew up a BILLS FAN; You get to be a huge key to making our team - the Bills a major contendor. Maybe you take the Bills on to the superbowl. Maybe you even WIN the superbowl. You're a huge reason the Bills have come this far..... And Then you leave? Are you kidding me? That's just Ego. I remember when Andre Reed wanted out of Buffalo after the second Superbowl. That was Ego. Kelly and Thomas talked him out of it.
  10. I'm 50; I went through the 90s teams and this win feels like the Bills AFC championship win against Denver. We won 10-7. Our amazing No Huddle was stopped all day and we only won because of a Defensive TD (Carlton Baily I think?). Just like then, I feel strangely unfulfilled about the win; probably because it was a win - and a win is a win; and all that; and it's playoff football and bla bla bla - but it was not a convincing win like we've had the past few weeks. If that FG goes in, and/or the 4th and goal is a TD, that's 10 points the Colts SHOULD have scored. The Defense had it's good and bad moments yes - but it was WHEN the bad moments happened that hurt. Right after we scored, we let THEM march down and score. Twice. Those are the drives where you really put teams away. You score and then you Stop them on the next drive; you don't let them answer. But we let them. Twice. We let them keep coming. Yes, of course there are reasons. My wife can't understand whey I'm not super happy about the win; and these are the reasons why! Because being totally honest, we got lucky a lot of the time.
  11. The "Original|" Bills Shout song is all good; but honestly I always thought it was a little lame! Back in the late 80s they took the actual Shout song from the '50s (which was rediscovered in the movie Animal House by Otis Day and the Knights)..... and they changed the lyrics and comandeered the song for when the Bills Scored. So I always wished we had our "own" song, like the Eagles "Fly" song.... Anyway... all good....
  12. Yea, play to win. Stay in your rhythm. We're playing really well; I never liked the idea of resting the starters. Unless it's due to injury; otherwise play to win. If you're way ahead at half time, then maybe rest starters...
  13. Whatever guys. All I know is New England's cheat-filled dominance of the AFC East is now over. It's like they were that guy in high school who pretended to be a nice guy to all the teachers but was really a bully and cheated on all his tests, has moved away. As for Marcia Brady - it's really pretty annoying that he's still being referred to (even here) as the GOAT after all of his cheating was exposed; The dude was an EXTREMELY LOW 6th round draft pick who somehow miraculously ascends to all these wins out of nowhere....it was BECAUSE OF the rigged system that they had in New England. All the spying, throwing deflated balls, he wouldn't turn over his cell phone, he had an extra radio frequencey in his helmet throughout entire plays!!!
  14. Just watched that Henry smackdown of the Lions player from yesterday - Yea they scare me - it's like we'd be going up against Clubber Lang. (Rocky III reference there for younger guys). But Titans D isn't that good; we win 47-43 in a shootout.... And same goes for KC. Watch Good Morning Football today - they're all saying that the Bills are a Juggernaught.
  15. Even though the D has been playing better, teams seem to have 2-3 super easy TD drives against us every game. Our Best chance of winning is just out-scoring teams now. And we can do it....
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