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  1. I never posted anything about Clowney, that's all you guys speculating.
  2. From what I've seen, hes been mostly accurate. Take with a grain of salt I guess. Possibly. If so, remove thread
  3. To top this off Ty Nsekhe was pulled out of carolina practice early for no apparent reason
  4. I've followed IncarcertedBob for a while now and his tweets are usually on point. Very peculiar with this one. Bill's are up to something. Not sure what he's getting at and why Jets fans will be upset.
  5. I wish I loved anything as much as AB loves his old helmet
  6. It's funny how he was called tortugas in high school to outrunning db's in the NFL
  7. Definitely a great watch, for sure. I think Chris Simms has a crush on him. Not like a man crush either.
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