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  1. Josh had an open feild to run and get the first. A facemask rips his head back. Come on man
  2. Defense looks porous. Can we ever put an entire game together?
  3. Great now I got twitter on refresh all day
  4. He got a blue checkmark!
  5. If the ball can bounce our way a couple times, and we can come up with some turnovers on D. I like our offenses chance to capitalize.
  6. They could've score on their last drive. But opted to run out the clock and take a knee. The missed feildgoals would have been negligible.
  7. Can I hitch a ride. I been pulling for him since them endzone catches in preseason. And, well.... Since Zay is a joke.
  8. Not used to Them Correctly closing out a game. 4-1 at the bye feels amazing
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