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  1. 4 hours ago, GunnerBill said:

    I mean that is not how the E-P works, but sure. The thing the E-P requires most of all is receivers with football intelligence and chemistry with their Quarterback because most concepts have options built in. 


    If people want rid of it because of multiple breakdowns - especially between Josh and Gabe this year - where one read X and the other read Z then fine. But wanting rid of it because it is not "designed to get people open" is nonsense. 

    It's very 1 on 1 winning centric....rather than scheming to get a guy open and that's your read.  Look at his history with Brady.  The check downs are when no one wins quick 1 on 1.   Offense is built to center on 1 on 1 match ups.  Very few crosses or rub routes/pick Plays.  This is how other teams get people running free.  We never do. 

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  2. 13 hours ago, Buffalo03 said:

    Brady did kinda implement his own system. I haven't seen us run as much as we have since the bye week. Daboll has more of a pass heavy system

    Still same system.  They don't change systems mid season.  He changed how he called the game...and how he gameplanned but same system. 

    4 hours ago, Buffalo03 said:

    I think he installed some of his own offense. Not a full thing but some of the offense was his

    New terminology and concepts don't happen mid season. 

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  3. And neither should josh.  Ita not designed for him. It's designed to get people open quick and get YAC.  It's designed for tua or purdy.  Not josh.  It was modified to work with josh but it's a scheme that relies on athletes winning 1 on 1 all the time or you take check down.  


    See Tom brady.  Early win or check it down.    Daboll in college had one of the greatest teams ever so they often won early.  












    ***** me.  I could have won natty with that team. 


    Dorsey tried to keep it and put twists on it.  It didn't work. Brady focused on the simple stuff.  Kind of worked. 


    We need brady to implement his own system that produced 2x 1k receivers. 1k rusher.


    Dabolls system is actually *****.  Relies on qb to run.  Wrs to win quick.  And rarely schemes people open.  When we had bease brown and diggs it worked because someone always won quick.  Now we have no one that wins quick so it's a check down offense. 


    Good riddons.  I'm excited to see josh on a system...not see a system that puts josh in it. 



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  4. 18 hours ago, Freak-O said:

    Cook dropped a TD as well. Crucial. The non pass to Diggs at the end was the worst one. Get a new set of downs, milk the clock and an excellent opportunity to score. I don’t get why Josh went for a TD there. Too much time left on the clock. :(

    We scored that drive. 

  5. 34 minutes ago, HaldimandBills said:

    Let's just build a juggernaut on offense instead of a Josh Allen Superman show on offense.

    I've been saying this for 3 years.  Draft wr in first.  Sign someone...whatever.  hang 30+ a game and let them try and keep up

  6. Agree. But I mean they are dominate this year and don't really have many more parts than we do.  They went and got him 2 more weapons.  We really only need 1 and they win in trenches which we are capable of.  


    We could be that dominate team next year with a decent draft. 

  7. While loss was disappointing I'm not sure that D could beat the ravens.  Which got me thinking.  2024 bills could easily be the ravens from this year.  



    QB - check.  I'd rather have Josh

    Oline - check.  

    2 TEs - check 

    WR - aging vet whos good.  Check

    Draft a 1st round rookie like flowers

    Plus shakir.  Check all around

    RB.  Need RB 2 but cook is solid.  Check



    dline pretty solid.  Check 

    2 pro bowl level LBs.  Check

    Corner back room very good. Check 

    Need a young stud safety like Hamilton...or 2.  


    We are depth at DL, a safety or 2 and a WR away from being at that level or better.  And we have 10 picks to get there.  


    Big hole.  We don't have a goat kicker. Ha


  8. I think it's a combination of things.  


    1.   Receivers aren't getting quick wins.  

    2.   Oline seems to let a free rusher thru every pass play. 

    3.  As a result of the 2 above josh isn't showing good mechanics.  Throwing off back foot and without his feet set or shoulders squared a lot.  


    His issue is trust.  That's it. 

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  9. 21 minutes ago, CSBill said:


    This. Something is hurt, but as you suggest, it's not enough to not play. But enough to keep him off his best. Hopefully, he is back to 100% soon.

    Guessing it's an ankle or something. 

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