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  1. They brought this up last night...but has Diggs went from good reciever in Minny to a Hall of Famer with Josh???  


    - 3 straight 100 reception seasons

    - led league in yards and catches

    - Likely to be 2 seasons over 1500 yards

    - 58 touchdowns so 100 is in play. 

    - 686 career receptions so 1000 in play

    - should hit 10k yards next year


    If he wins a superbowl is he a lock if he continues at this pace for 2 more seasons?

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  2. 6 hours ago, Mango said:


    I thought Dane outplayed Wallace last season and the first part of this year. A few weeks ago he was allowing something like 49% completion and no touchdowns. 

    Unsure what is going on. It seems as though with all the backups playing we are relying on more man (according to cover 1). Curious if Jackson is just struggling in man. 


    I don't know how the Bills get by without Poyer next year. I think they have to find the money. He is worth his weight in gold at this point. 

    Dane has always had help and last few games without Edmunds we haven't been able to help him as much...and it showed. 

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  3. 10 minutes ago, LLCoolCy said:

    Well see if he Smoke see the field... but if he does I am certain Josh will be looking to get him a catch immediately. Bet NE thinks that too, so as a decoy threat he can help too. 

    This.  Its a trust thing.   Gabe and dirty have both had drops this year and aren't getting open consistently.  1 more body josh can trust. 

  4. On 11/26/2022 at 11:41 AM, Bob in STL said:

    GREAT Strategy.  Play two players that are coming back from injuries and completely ignore the others.   Put the whole load on them.  That will work.  





    Umm. Nope.  Rhodes and tre split time and Elam could have played more and they thru him back out in second half.  So. Ya.  That's the plan. 

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  5. It's that simple.  Rough games aside we are still in great position.  


    1. 8-3.  
    2. 3 losses by combined 8 points
    3. Lead nfl in point dif
    4.   This in spite of being crushed by injuries on D...playing a very tough schedule...and having 8 Redzone turnovers and 10 redzone drives that had 0 points. 

    Get healthy,  stop TOs....

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  6. 13 minutes ago, EmotionallyUnstable said:

    You can definitely argue this.


    At the same time…shout out to AJ Klien who stepped in off the street to make a handful of really nice stops today. Dodson looking again like JAG and Edmunds importance to this defense continues to become more apparent as these Lions WRs appeared to be running unchecked throughout the middle of the defense all day 

    You don't throw 15 yard passes over middle if he's on the field.  We just don't notice it until the 15 yard pass over the middle is open every play. Ha

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  7. 4 hours ago, Buffalo_Stampede said:

    Probably next week Elam is full. Tre probably a couple weeks from starting a full game.

    Teams found out even though Dane is in good position he can’t play the football. Teams weren’t challenging him.


    I also think the Bills are playing a lot more man coverage lately. Not sure why.

    They are playing the crafty half zone half man ***** that they think works because it confused mahomes.  It doesn't work when they identify who's in man by using motion and just throw there because they suck.  


    I called like 10 plays out loud today.  Dane follows motion guy.  Goff goes there.  Benford follows Goff goes there.  Didn't matter who receiver was. 

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  8. 1 hour ago, Livinginthepast said:

    Jackson cannot cover anybody within 5 yards. He gets fooled easily and even if he closes on the receiver in time he never turns his head. He also is useless at separating the receiver from the ball.  Its unfortunate because I thought he had promise but the last month his play has been full on amateur hour.  Benford is marginally better but has missed a few key tackles this season. 

    He is awful.  They were picking on him.  As was cousins. 

    4 hours ago, Virgil said:

    What did Benford do wrong?

    We have given up like 900 yards in last 3 weeks pretty evenly split between benford and Jackson.  Teams have abandoned run because passing on us is so easy.  


    We also miss Edmunds. 


    Elam > benford

    Tre > Date


    Nuff said. 

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