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  1. Bills will dominate the first half . Browns will be a mess 24-0 but after the second half the Brownies turn it around  Allen throws 3 interceptions game is now tied at 27. Only 3 seconds left Brownies 35 yard field goal attempt is good and The Browns win it final score Browns 30 Bills 27. Another horrible decision by the coach and bad defense in the second half and 3 interceptions  

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  2. Should the Bills lose to the Browns. The season is over. There is no way that they will make it to the playoffs . Thoughts ? Are the Bills done for the season? The defense is a mess and Allen is not the usual self. This injury is a factor . How do we fix this ?? 

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  3. I still think we will win it but it is going to be  very challenging. At the end of the standings I picture this: Buffalo, NY Jets and New England all make it to the playoffs 

    final standings 

    Buffalo 14-3 ( 4-2  against the division ) 

    NY Jets 12-5 ( 3-3  against the division ) 

    New England 11-6 ( 3-3 against the division ) 

    Miami 8-9 ( 2-4  against the division ) 

    Also Which division is better the ACF East or the NFC East ? All opinions welcomed !! GO BILLS !! 

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  4. Bills start 0-2 and everyone panics the season is over and all of sudden they explode and win 10 in a row . losing only 2 games after that final record 13-4 

    Miami Dolphins earn second place in the division 12-5 but still get swept by the Bills . Dolphins collapse in the playoffs 

    Bills lose first seed and here we go again and face the Chiefs in the AFC Championship. KC leads the Bills 33-10 half time . Josh Allen has a horrible performance in the first half 4 interceptions but somehow come back in the second and win the AFC championship 47-43 

    Not predicting the Super Bowl 

  5. 6 minutes ago, Doc Brown said:

    Rumors are we're opening at home against Miami.  Either way I'm happy to play a team with a new coach/offensive scheme coming out of the gates.

    I think we are on the road I could be wrong , we will find out on Thursday , yes Miami home that would be a great opener , Miami is very good much better than last year on paper but we can take care of business and continue the win streak against them ! GO BILLS ! 

  6. We have to sweep them !! Is it gonna happened ? Probably not . Are we gonna get swept ? Probably not . I see a split . 

    New England Patriots remaining schedule

    Titans , At Bills , Bye , At Colts , Bills , at Jaguars , Dolphins : I see 4 wins for them 

    Buffalo Bills remaining schedule

    Patriots , At Bucs , Panthers , at Patriots , Falcons , NY Jets : I can see 4 wins we are not winning out 

    Final standings Bills and Patriots 11-6 

    There is a relatively high probability that the Bills and Patriots will have the same record I am thinking 11-6 . who would win the division ? I am hoping the Patriots fall apart but most likely that is not going to happen . If we win out which would be awesome yes the division is ours . GO BILLS ! 

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