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  1. https://thebuffalofanatics.com/2019/09/17/the-buffalo-bills-need-to-win-on-sunday-then-make-an-offer-for-a-j-green/


    "He is only under contract for this year, but signing him to a short extension would not be an issue as the Bills are projected over $80 million in cap space next season. If they sign him for 2-3 years, they could have him, Brown, and Beasley under contract for multiple seasons before the team has to pay Josh Allen."

  2. I was sold on Oliver pre draft and got super excited when he fell to us so I was happy. In the second when we traded up I really thought we were going to snag DK but was actually very happy with Ford. Looking back on it Beane made the right move there. He brought in vet WR's (Brown and Beasley) who clearly understand what it takes to play in the NFL and are willing to put in the work. This was clearly to designed to help Allen develop further. If Allen has a good year this year I would not be surprised with a 1st round WR in 2020. 

  3. 31 minutes ago, SlimShady'sGhost said:

    I'll be on travel so I'll start this early. 


    Week 2 of the NFL season. Pick-em.  What you got?


    Thursday, September 12    
    Home Team TV
    Tampa Bay Carolina NFLN
    Sunday, September 15    
    San Francisco Cincinnati FOX
    Los Angeles C Detroit CBS
    Minnesota Green Bay FOX
    Indianapolis Tennessee CBS
    New England Miami CBS
    Buffalo New York G CBS
    Seattle Pittsburgh FOX
    Dallas Washington FOX
    Arizona Baltimore FOX
    Jacksonville Houston CBS
    Kansas City Oakland CBS
    Chicago Denver FOX
    New Orleans Los Angeles R FOX
    Philadelphia Atlanta NBC
    Monday, September 16    
    Cleveland New York J ESPN



  4. 10 hours ago, mileena said:



    Has this been photoshopped? It is almost April 1.  No one has five TV's in one room. No one even has two. No one is that wealthy.

    I am not sure what your getting at. Probably trying to give m a hard time or something. Its actually pretty reasonably priced. Its just 5 Vizio TV's. Yes its also a drop ceiling much easier to run wires. Finished the whole basement off for like 3k. 


    Regardless its pretty awesome for sports. I have been enjoying tourney time as well! Feel Free to rip on me. No skin off my back. 


  5. As many of you are, I as well am forced to get DirecTV to watch my beloved Bills. 


    Problem is I want to watch multiple games at once and not like directv offers through their “mix channel” with tons of wasted space on the side. I also want to be able to select what games I watch. Not have them determine like DirecTV NFL mix. 


    I saw Dish Network has something called “MultiView” that allows you to choose any four channels and have them stretch the whole screen. 


    Anyways long story short, I posted to the DirecTV forum. Was hoping some of the fellow mafia felt the same way and would help up vote this to bring it more to their attention. 


    If if you feel the same check out this link and give your upvote or two cents. Thanks 




    PS. Wrote this from my phone with a screaming little Bills fan in my arms. Please excuse any grammar mistakes. 

  6. I just don't seen Beane trading all the picks he worked to acquire. I know an argument can be made that he acquired those picks for this exact reason but its also clear that this team needs to get younger. For some reason I see them staying put or even trading down. 


    If they were to trade up my guess would be with the Giants. With picks 21/22, Glenn, and a 2019 3rd RD pick (assuming Gaines is gone we should receive an extra 3rd or fourth in 2019 correct?) 


    I guess maybe my personal views on draft capital are weighing on me. 

  7. I think the most likely scenario is the bills stay put or even trade back one of the first rounders if another team loves a certain player. I believe Beane loves draft capital and wants to stock pile as much as possible. I see them drafting by a QB in the 2nd or 3rd round. Likely Mason Rudolph. Also that means keeping TT one more year. At 18mm or whatever its really not a horrible price. 

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