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  1. 1 minute ago, Xwnyer said:

    interesting hearing the comments from some of the players post game and fans watching warm ups.  Something was off this team is spent emotionally and the energy wasn't there.   

    certainly looked that way.

  2. 2 minutes ago, LabattBlue said:

    Nvm. Not arguing with someone who likes to move the goalposts to fit their reply. 

    lol ok.  find somebody else to argue with then.   suits me fine cupcake.  nothing i said isnt a fact.  i know nobody gives an f about actual facts nowadays though.   for somebody that was just looking for a fight,  you sure gave up easy.

  3. 1 minute ago, LabattBlue said:

    You claimed that the slippery conditions led to the Bengals offense having an advantage. Where was that same advantage for the Bills offense. 

    mbe because Cincy was calling plays that allowed Burrow to get rid of the ball in under 3sec.    u know,  that same infuriating stuff that Brady did if a D played a certain way.   Frasier and McD have always played this D as bend but dont break.   so with the terrible footing,  were damn well playing dont break.   so if u adjust to the short stuff to stop that,  then the long ball opens up.   our O didnt adjust,  thats not on Frasier.     this banged up defense relied on the other team screwing up,   it just didnt happen,  not many dropped balls,  etc.


    of course the conditions favor the offense when its slippery.   ask Dorsey why Josh had no time,  why we couldnt run slants or short stuff.  ask him why we havent been able to run a screen since Thurman and Kelly.   fact is,  the conditions do matter.   

  4. 21 minutes ago, BuffaloRebound said:

    Like it or not, McDermott ain’t going anywhere.  I think the best we can hope for is McBeane realizes you gotta bring in a fresh voice at D coordinator who can do more with less and allocate more cap resources to the offense.

    idc if Frasier stays or goes,  but that man,  did more with less,  than any other D coordinator this season.   guys were missing all over the place.   rookies trying to fill in.  3rd string guys playing.   its a miracle the D played as well as they did all season.    Frasier held them together with duct tape and scheme.   yes it didnt work against an offense with 4 legit weapons on a day where it was so slippery the D couldnt anticipate and break on throws.   stuff happens.   we won games because of Frasier.

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  5. im fine with Diggs acting like that,  showed at least one person on the team was fired up due to that abysmal showing,  that at least one person gave a damn.   ive never watched a game where a team showed like they cared less what was happening.   it felt like the majority of them didnt even want to be there.


    what looks bad imo is Josh flat out ignoring Diggs when hes in front of him.   thats troubling.   if theyre so close,  such buddies,  then Josh knows Stefon is emotional,  fiery,  and you at the very least acknowledge him and say,  ya man,  i know,  lets work at it.   just ignoring him??  thats a wedge right there in the making.  especially for a guy like Stefon.

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  6. Just now, Over 29 years of fanhood said:

    I noticed who Dey was  super loud 

    not so sure thats the real crowd noise.   ive noticed a few times this year that the same Bills chants that we hear are the ones they used as the canned crowd noise during the covid year.   i think the networks are using it alot.    its easier to control whats heard,  ie,  nobody swearing or saying something stupid.

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  7. Ravens are going to tag Lamar,  and expect to get 2 first +  when some desperate team wants to go after him.   pretty much why they havent extended him.  they wont break the bank,  and want some compensation for losing him.   only thing that makes sense.   smart imo.    that Watson deal has f'd  the QB contracts for the foreseeable future.   no team wants to give that much guaranteed at this time.


    Roman out doesnt exactly predict Lamar is gone, sure opens the door though.

  8. 3 minutes ago, HappyDays said:


    You compared Josh Allen to Tyrod Tayor... lol is right

    oh ffs.....you cant even read.


    good enough reason right there to end this back and forth.


    its too bad,  i usually find you to be one of the regular posters on here that actually has some common sense.    

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  9. 6 minutes ago, HappyDays said:


    Allen completed 4 of 11 deep shots against the blitz yesterday. 3 of the incompletions hit the intended receiver in the hands. So when do you want Allen taking those shots in single coverage when his WR has leverage? Never?



    Oh so you just don't know what you're watching? Alright. My bad.

    lol ok....  


    imma make sure i bookmark this thread and revisit it later.  i sure hope im wrong and the Bengals and god willing the Chefs dont play this D against us.   


    you do realize those 1 on 1 long bombs ask alot in pass pro right?  like for instance,  the play where Josh fumbles and they scored a TD right?

    i never said you dont take shots.   you dont do it 70% of the time though.   



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  10. 2 minutes ago, CincyBillsFan said:

    Damn I just thought you messed up the link. Your trolling is actually first rate my comprehension and recognition needs a little work.





    Do you mean the 50+ yard pass that Shakir dropped?  Or the shot to Diggs in the end zone that missed by a couple of inches?

    only works,  if it actually works.    there was a reason why Miami was gifting those 1 on 1s.   daring our QB to make low percentage throws.   you guys all remember Tyrod right?   same crap teams dared him to do.    yes Josh is miles better than Tyrod,  and yes he can hit those occasionally.   if youre gonna live and die by those throws,  youre going to end up really disappointed.   defenses bait those throws.....to kill drives.  end of story.

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  11. 2 hours ago, HappyDays said:


    Yeah here's a great example of the kind of play you're referring to:



    It's 3rd and long. Davis is WIDE open in the flat and could probably make it to the 1st down marker. Instead Allen throws a low percentage deep pass to another WR in single coverage.


    I assume you think he made the incorrect throw here?

    of course not,   gj picking the one time it worked to try and make your point though.   go find the other 6 that killed drives.

  12. Shaq is a much better run defender than pass rusher.    which is fine.  ideally you'd want a guy that can do it all but it is what it is a this point.   i actually had to really watch to see if Groot was playing yesterday.  he was very quiet.   he can not be quiet.   has to be better.

  13. the defense should be better.  Frazier is trying to cover up many problems at the moment though.   missing Hyde is huge.  Tre isnt nearly 100% yet.   appears Elam isnt good enough to play?  yet makes plays when hes in there.    i dont think Frazier trusts Elam in zone coverage.    Poyer is a soldier,  been playing banged up all year.  Dane is passable but not really elite.   its tough to do much with a back end this underwhelming right now.


    ill admit the D isnt playing all that great right now,  people want Frazier gone,  be careful of what you wish for.   his D has been more than good enough for many seasons straight,  even with all the injuries.   13-3 with loses by less than a total of 10 points.   the Offense hasnt been great in alot of games.   D is still top 5 in most categories.   Frazier is pushing this D along with scheme and ductape,  making the best of a bad situation.

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  14. just cut down on the self inflicted mistakes.   protect the ball,  catch the ball.  ezpz.


    im sure they realize and know this all too well.  Josh was not a happy camper after the game.  he knows it wasnt all that great of a win.   its a win,  live to fight another day, but things have to be better.  i expect them to really bear down and work at it this week.

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  15. there was zero reason to launch the ball 50 yards on low percentage tosses when blitzed or when Josh is running around on a broken play.   every play should have short, medium, and long concepts.    i dont know if it was Josh and his inner hero ball coming out again,  but it sucked.    Josh could have run much more than he did yesterday,  but for some reason was launching bombs all over the place.    i felt like i was back to the bad old days of watching Tyrod just chuck it up and pray.


    there has to be better options. 

  16. im not sure how the players actually respect McDaniels.    im told hes wicked smart,  thats cool,  but he gives off that poser hipster vibe that im sure the actual talent on the team isnt really into.   ive met alot of large football players,  tough guys,  meatheads.   strikes me as odd that theyd follow a guy that gives off those vibes.   just his voice alone is irritating.    winning cures all evils though.   mbe hes a genuis,  and guys love to win.  mbe its just that easy.

  17. keep in mind that we the viewers have the advantage of repeated slow motion replays from great angles on nearly every single play.   the refs do have a difficult job in my opinion.   i dont necessarily blame them for missed called, or bad calls unless its right in front of them.    this speaks more to the NFL needing to give them more help,  which of course will cost more $$$$,  and we all know that the NFL is hurting business wise right?


    we want the games,  called fairly,  and consistently.   thats a tough ask when humans are involved,  especially with the speed of the game.   having to make judgment calls on plays where you cant see the play clearly and its going 100mph,  thats a tough job.


    i imagine with the integration of legalized gambling into the NFLs product such a key motivator nowadays,  that the NFL is going to have to take a look at how refs are calling games,  and how to help them out more.   you cant have people wagering on a product that will rile them up if they lose due to bad calls by refs.   bad play by the players,  fine,  not the refs though.

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