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  1. 1 minute ago, Heitz said:


    The only said a million times on the game that the Bills have been hydrating for a week and that it was 112 on the field.  Even Dolphins players were cramping up...

    Awesome bud.  The announcers said it?  Feel way better now...No excuse to have our team not prepared for the heat.  Dorsey's reaction at the end of the game summed it up nice.

  2. 4 minutes ago, Murdox said:

    The heat was the difference, folks.  Look at how our offense kept marching down the field and the players were cramping up constantly.  If we had been in Buffalo the game would have been completely different.

    Yeah, well the Bills were not in Buffalo today.  How the F#$k does this coaching staff not have this team ready for the heat and cramping?  Piss poor team management. 

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  3. 13 minutes ago, Albany,n.y. said:

    Ch 23 lost the feed before the 2nd half started.  The last thing they showed was people walking to the stadium & that made no sense since it was halftime.  Then the picture froze & it never came back.  They switched to informercials instead. I still have it on but they haven't returned to the Bills game. I have WGR on now & will watch the 2nd half tomorrow on the NFL Network when they rebroadcast the game -It starts at 10-I'm recording it & only plan on watching the 2nd half.  

    I literally word for word am living this same reality since halftime... I already have the replay on record tomorrow at 10 and am listening to WGR as well!

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  4. Reminds me of the Peterman hype around practices and training camp.  Not going to lie, I bought into it.  I'm sure we all did with certain guys along the way.   That's what happens when your're searching for that QB.  God, I don't  miss those days.

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