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  1. We keep seeing that the cap is going to drop to $175. This is based off of revenue the NFL makes, correct?

    The question is, does the NFL have to choose a lower number and can they go up to the $200 that was projected? I would think the players certainly want it, and for some (most), it would give them a better chance to win. 

  2. 8 minutes ago, Zerovoltz said:


    I'm here.


    I'll be back after the game win or lose .....but this will be my last post before the game starts.


    In 2018, when KC had a bottom 3 defense, Patrick Mahomes, would will that team to wins and even when losing that year, he had 3 losses where the other team simply had the ball last in back and forth games including the 2018 AFCCG.  In 2019, Mahomes and KC overcame a 24-0 first quarter deficit VS Houston.  I know and am well aware that Buffalo had an incredible comeback against another Houston team way back when....and KC trailed by 10 in all their other playoff games in 2019 and won all of them.


    We've been throwing stats back and forth, matchups and all that.....but my final point is simply......Mahomes.  No moment is too big...no obstacle is too big.....no lead is safe until the clock strikes 00's  He has proven to be more than equal to these moments and the team he has around him now, have the added confidence of knowing who their QB is and what he's about in these games.  Beneth the boyish face and the hair....and the kermit voice....lies the heart of a champion and driven competitor who can summon every talent he has to will his team to a victory in the biggest moment on the biggest stage.  


    Patrick Mahomes.  Period.


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  3. 9 minutes ago, ToBillsFan said:

    Forgive me if there’s already been a thread started but I did not find one.


    Ingram has cleared waivers and available for pickup. He’s not young either but probably in better shape than Freeman and he’s a hard nose runner with some motivation to prove himself.



    He’s not eligible to be signed until the off-season.  

  4. 6 minutes ago, Figster said:

      Having been reffered to as an idiot many, many times by our once upon a time resident idiot finder. ( D C Tom )


    I welcome you to the club of idiots jw  

    Whatever happened to Tom?

  5. 7 minutes ago, CaliBills said:


    Not a concussion.


    No hit to the head.


    As i said in an earlier post when it happened that it looks like he had his neck turned to constrict circulation.

    That happens to me on occasion where i turn my head to much to left or right and I basically black out and when i come back my body is like wtf is happpening and I am a bit out of it/dizzy

    You better get to a doctor ASAP. 

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  6. The Ravens only have themselves to blame. Before the game, they were chirping they were going to hit him by a RB. It was reported by various reporters. I’m sure the refs caught wind and were looking for stuff. 

  7. 4 minutes ago, K-9 said:

    Not a bad strategy. But it goes both ways. If I were a DC, I’d make it a point to key on LJ on every read option and hit him, regardless. Yes, that may leave you vulnerable to a big play when he decides to hand off at the mesh point, but he’s gonna take a shot regardless. Every. Time. The season after Colin Kaepernick led the Niners to the SB, DCs did just that and the impact was immediate. 

    I’m a big Rutgers fan. Years ago when Schiano was here for the first time, we played a lot of triple option teams. His strategy was the same. Always hit the QB. On every play. 
    Worked wonders. 

  8. 2 hours ago, YoloinOhio said:

    As others mentioned, Daboll tailors each week’s offensive philosophy toward the opponent specifically. I have a feeling the bills are going to see the same D Belichick put out there the first pats game with the 6 DBs and the Bills will run the ball a lot. Ravens have better talent on D than the pats but aren’t as discoplined on the second level. Ravens will invite them to run and aren’t great at stopping it. They also are very bad tackling team. 

    Couldn’t disagree more. The Ravens are awful when you spread them out and go 4 wide. Awful. 
    We are going to see a bunch of that. 

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