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  1. The only way Democrats can win Texas is by cheating, and they are certainly trying... https://www.katychristianmagazine.com/2020/10/01/alleged-voter-ballot-harvesting-goes-all-the-way-to-the-top-in-harris-county/
  2. Tyranny is tyranny, whether it's from government or from the corporate world and belongs on the end along with your statism or totalitarianism. After al, aren't you just handing control over to another entity in both? And that entity is still taking away your freedoms, whether it is control over you directly, or control over your life through your work life. If to the extreme right you have anarchy, how in the world can there by corporate tyranny since anarchy is by definition the lack of government, ie and overseer of any kind. I'm with you in that also to that extreme, something or someone w
  3. Here: https://www.cnn.com/2020/10/06/health/who-coronavirus-world-population-intl/index.html if 10% of the world population has been infected that is about 750 million. 1.1 million (rounded up a lot) divided by 750 million comes to about .14% deaths
  4. Klobachar, repeating the same Lincoln claim Harris tried doesn't make it a truth. Congress was not in session so nominating someone would have been fruitless. He did however on the first day they returned to session.
  5. And Cruz followed with a complete teardown of Whitehouse assertions
  6. Where the **** did I say any of that? But since you bring it up, the WHO estimates now that over 750 MILLION people have had the virus. That would knock the fatality rate down to .13% - yes, that is point one three percent right about what the flu is and we have a vaccine for the flu! I'm with virtually everyone else on this planet, that 1 death was too many. But shutting down the world for this was utter bullschiff when we could have protected the elderly and those with pre-existing as I did my own wife! And gone about our lives!
  7. Whitehouse with the conspiracy theory of the century! Holy crapola! Koch Industries? They've become DEMOCRAT donors of late you idiot! Because they want that cheap labor to come across an open border! But at least he admitted that politicians taking dark money is the norm smdh...
  8. All due respect to the other Justices on the Supreme Court and the Senators in this hearing, but I've heard said that often ACB is referred to as the smartest person in the room and she is proving it today, as I suspect she will as well once seating.
  9. Which in and of itself is admitting purely racist intent.
  10. That recovery rate is deceptive in itself though since it only count those who have been tested. If you throw in asymptomatic the recovery rate jumps to 99 and change percent recovery rate.
  11. Let me also throw in there the fact that GInsburg, and now Kagen have actually cited international law in opinions they have handed down which in my humble opinion SHOULD have gotten them impeached from the bench!
  12. She did it!!!!!!!!!!!!! She used the Ginsburg Rule!
  13. First, I don't buy into the narrative of no representation. DC is most certainly represented by 435 Representatives, and 100 Senators. 30% of their revenue is provided by that Congress as Federal Funds as well. It must even be noted that over half that DC population of 700 thousand are actually there as federal employees and not necessarily native residents. At the writing of the Constitution, land was carved out of Virginia and Maryland to create the District of Columbia. Since that time, their portion has been given back to Virginia. So if they indeed want their own representation inste
  14. That's not how the amendment process works but nice try
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