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  1. 6 hours ago, Sammy Watkins' Rib said:


    Are you talking about the TD? Didn't Sky Moore make the exact same catch on the same route for a TD on the next series? I think that is proof that the Chiefs could have put any receiver out there and gotten the exact same result. 

    No. Talking about the punt return that essentially ended the game 

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  2. 1 minute ago, Thurman#1 said:



    This is our decade. Decade and a half. Going all in on this year, meaning sacrificing the future, is nuts.

    You can reset any year at any time. When you have an elite qb, you go for it. The cap is malleable 

    1 minute ago, Thurman#1 said:



    Yeah, yeah, I do realize it.


    There is always money left on the credit cards too. But the people who think that means it's a great idea to max out those cards because they can don't end up having successful financial lives.


    There are always more shiny objects out there too. 



    I hope you’re currently saving for 4 christmases from now 

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  3. 21 minutes ago, arcadia bob said:

    Hello all for what's it worth I have a friend that's good friends with DH business manager He does not have an agent, and he was told that DH has been talking to about 6 gms and that he will take a few days to take everything in then decide on who he will talk contract with. He thought he may be released but not today.  His BM is out of the country.... I'm sure that will change soon.BM said he will be looking for a 2year minimum, never said anything about money. Just sharing...


  4. 23 minutes ago, B-Man said:



    Just say no.



    DHop only has any production at this point in his career because of his high volume of targets.


    He will be 31 when the season starts. Was busted for PEDs and has started getting injured. Big no thank you.


    19 games combined over the past two seasons.


    IMO Buffalo needed to get a legitimate slot guy to replace the Bease, not an outside guy to replace Davis.


    Last year Davis had 93 targets, DHOP had 96.


    Davis had 100+ more yards, more than double the TDs, a much higher YPC average and the same number of first downs generated compared to DHOP.




    Dhop in a pick swap then Josh Downs at 34

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  5. 1 minute ago, astb41 said:

    For the amount of info we don’t get on bills signings, it’s hard to believe someone would know the intimate details of “working through the contract”. Maybe it’s possible. But it just doesn’t line up with past transactions under Beane

    Jimmy overdorf has loose lips at the low price of female feet photos 

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