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  1. 2 minutes ago, BillsFanForever19 said:


    Again, you act as if it was just us who had the "pitchforks" out. Everyone, from sports media and non sports media alike to other fanbases, were all saying and doing the same thing when it came to this story. You can sit on your high horse in hindsight and judge everyone around here.


    But as I said earlier, there isn't a team in the NFL that would have saved a 53 man roster spot for two straight seasons on a Punter who wasn't here and another spot for the Punter who would be here and dealt with questions about him the entire time.


    Sucks that we were the ones who Drafted him and had to cut him. But if it were any of the 31 other teams in the NFL that drafted him instead, the exact same scenario would have played out for them.

    i didnt judge the accused without evidence

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  2. 27 minutes ago, st pete gogolak said:

    There was ZERO chance Bills were doing anything other than cutting him once the allegations were made.  Remember the allegations?  Having non consensual sex with a minor?  

    Remember the Bills were consensus favorites to win the Super Bowl going into that year.  There was again zero chance of keeping him on the roster and have the daily distractions stemming from having an accused rapist on the team.  

    Was it fair? Of course not.  Is it insane that he signed with our arch rival?  Of course it is.  But it’s the Bills. Another brick in the wall.

    im not talking about the organization.  the court of public opinion was the problem, were u one of them?

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  3. 10 hours ago, ComradeKayAdams said:


    Uh…not me, at least!!! I’m submitting a favorable review of the OP’s design for both Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar:



    Take a simple sartorial spin on the classic red, white, and royal blue.


    Like the timeless “little black dress,” this quintessential “big black jersey” imbues Bills Mafia’s collective wardrobe with a dash of vivacious versatility and ethereal elegance. Audrey Hepburn meets Bills Elvis Guy, if you will. On a jaunt to Wegmans? Pair this jersey with your favorite Zubaz yoga comfort pants, if you must. On a hot date to the AKG Art Museum with Johnny McDimples? Complement an oversized jersey dress version with some sassy knee-highs, if you dare.


    Do you happen to be an obese omnivore whose self-discipline is as low as your ethical regard for all of God’s sentient creatures? If so, then forego a major eating disorder commitment and instead enjoy the slimming effect of this dark-hued jersey, as you waddle through the tailgate parking lot together with your fellow football faithful fatties, like a herd of corpulent bison in the night, or through Highmark Stadium seating rows like blood traversing restricted arteries after years of gluttonous chicken wing consumption.


    Or perhaps your clothing preferences transcend the practical into the symbolic?


    Why not make a gothic statement with your apparel and commemorate the many tragedies of Buffalo pro football with a black alternative jersey? No makeup brand or makeup color can make the tincture of slit wrist scar tissue pop quite like this decadent ebony alternative, as you showcase to the world your sullen side because your favorite football team never achieved its ultimate gridiron glory. Atone for every one of the 1921 Staley Swindle, the 1950 AAFC franchise rejection, the 1967 New Year’s Day disaster, Saban quitting for the second time, Ferguson’s poopy playoff ankle, the infamous Four Falls of Buffalo, the even more infamous two murders of OJ, the one “miracle” in the Music City, the seventeen straight years without playoffs, the Thirteen Seconds game, and everything Sabres-related for good measure (just because), as you dive headfirst into The Pit while wearing this jersey.


    Or is positivity more your cup of tea, albeit not at the expense of personal attention? Then on a metaphorically lighter note, you can pay homage to the franchise’s rich heritage of civil rights achievement by approximately matching your jersey color with the complexion of venerable civil rights icons like Cookie Gilchrist, Marlin Briscoe, and James Harris. Virtue signal to the world that you were one of the good Western New Yorkers who wasn’t harassing Marshawn Lynch in the Southtowns from 2007-2010. Bask in the societal plaudits as you are commended for your social justice awareness, beyond that one time you agreed to go on a date with that mixed race guy.


    In any case, no Upstate NY aesthete should dare venture into a Downstate NY world without this black Buffalo Bills jersey. For maximum jealousy effect, purchase a Josh Allen #17 version today so to constantly remind the New Jersey Jests fans what they’re missing. If they like it, then they should have put a 2018 first round draft pick on it.

    yikes, im not reading all that

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