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  1. 1 minute ago, WideNine said:

    The Kelly years were great and he and that core team helped lift the Bills and Buffalo into the national spot light.


    He is in the shadow of Allen now, but has to be happy that the team has finally found "the guy" who can represent Buffalo and work to finish the mission.


    It was a good listen and I did not know those Canton ceremony changes were linked to Jim's induction. I have no problems believing the bar story.







    Hardly in a shadow.  Let's fet to at least 1 SB, let alone 4 straight

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  2. 41 minutes ago, TFBillsfan said:

    Looking ahead to the stretch run this week alone, KC has added Melvin Gordon RB, Bryan Edwards WR and now Brandon Williams DT to their PS. At the trade deadline they added Kadarius Toney WR who just injured his hamstring.


    We traded for Hines who is barely visible on offense and just signed John Brown to the PS. Any concerns that Beane isn’t being more aggressive or do you feel the KC signings will have no impact?

    Right or wrong KC seems to be going all in to stack their roster.


    Yes, I very concerned that Beane isn't being more aggressive,  not.  What the hell could you expect him to do now that the trade deadline has passed?  Settle down.  Some of you have gone insane

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