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  1. Mason Rudolph...Big, accurate, mobile.strong

    Thanks for the feedback boys.
  2. Why is this guy not ranked higher on the mock drafts? I don't watch a ton of college football but his numbers are sick. My high level "you tube scouting" that I do everytime this year, tells me nothing. BUT seriously the dude looks amazing. Passer rating, TDs, pick ratio and his hair is sweet too. What is his knock or downfall? Help me understand
  3. QB Film Room: Mason Rudolph

    I see a lot of mock drafts that pick the top 4 QB'S. Why is Mason Rudolph NOT in the discussion more? Am I missing something here? His TD's, passer rating etc all look very good, his arm is big, he seems to fit the physical profile as well. Any thoughts on Bills grabbing him? any red flags on the guy?