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  1. 7 hours ago, Matt_In_NH said:

    When I saw the replay I immediately knew it was coming back....the rule is clear about this and he lost control after he hit the ground....the ball does not have to hit the ground  Now if the same catch happens in the field of play it would be a catch because the ball does not touch the ground.  The catches going out of bounds are always scary because of the survive the ground aspect.  We can argue to change the rule but the they got the call right per the rules today.


    I will also say we talk about catches a LOT less frequently than we used to, they changed it up a few years ago and it is much better now.  But there is some room for interpretation/subjectiveness and it is probably impossible to get rid of that completely.   


    Even in the field of play (not out of bounds) this is not good enough, you also have to have a football move or some element of time.

    I liked it better the way it was.  

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  2. It’s a stupid & WRONG rule.  If a player has possession & 2 feet down or the equivalent then the play should stand, it should not matter what happens after being out of bounds.  Out of bounds is out of bounds, they shouldn’t be extending what happens with the play to the out of bounds area.  Just stupid.  Same with a TD, once the plane of the goal is broken, it should be a score & end of play. 
    While the officiating is better than years past, there is still plenty of room for improvement but it really starts with getting the Rulebooks straight.

    Go Bills!!!!!

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  3. 13 hours ago, frostbitmic said:

    I don't know about the Packers game but I found 3rd row seats behind the Bills bench for the Steelers game at $1820 per ticket... Again, NFW.

    The ticket prices are out of control.  Was looking to go to the Raven's game but decent seats are going for $600 - $700/each and up.  Way too much for a family of 4.

    Go Bills!!!!!  

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  4. In my opinion, you need to take into account what will make the most money.  This means considering the legalized betting as well.  If a team comes in and just blows everyone away, it won't make as much as a team or a league that is more even.  Consider the betting odds if Buffalo starts out the year blowing some solid teams out and then drops to 3-3.  I read an article before the year started that said the Bills would start 3-3 and still make it to the Super Bowl.  So far, it looks very possible so don't be surprised.  Again, just my opinion.    

    Go Bills!!!!!

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