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  1. 2 hours ago, BuffaloHokie13 said:

    Wouldn't it be wild if the line actually ends up being Nsekhe, Dawkins, Morse, Spain, Waddle? Or even swap Waddle for Jawaan Taylor, for argument's sake.

    Not wild at all. Both Nsekhe and Dawkins have graded out poorly on the right side. They are both better on the left. The determining factor for all of the O lineman will be our new OL coach though and that has been the best OL signing of all.

  2. It’s so much more fun when you can recognize the players in the pre game warmups like Duby, Rutkowski and Gogolak. Ron Mix taking out Tom Sestak. Cookie, Tobin Rote, Lowe and Lincoln. Everyone remembers Stratton’s hit but I totally forgot his interception. For once I was glad I was old so that I could remember being there.


    And guess how much those field level end zone seats were in those days for us that were under 16 at the time?        $ 1.00. !!!    


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  3. Makes some sense but limits you in the case of an injury to him. But it would allow them to deactivate DiMarco on game day to put a more needed player on the active roster perhaps if the situation dictated it.

    6 hours ago, RPbillsfan said:

    Was thinking the Bills may use Jake Fisher as a FB on plays and as a blocking TE based on short yardage and Goal line situations.  If that is the plan then I don't see the need for Patrick DiMarco.


    Maybe we get rid of DiMarco, Ducasse and Ivory to get back some cap space.


    Your thoughts?


  4. 11 minutes ago, Logic said:

    Any discussion of rating Brandon Beane's job thus far as GM had BETTER darn well include the fact that he got a 5th round pick in exchange for a 1-year rental of a backup QB. And anyone who says 5th round picks don't matter should go watch some Matt Milano highlights.


    Or Kyle Williams highlights !   He said on the combine that it wasn't easy being the First Pick Overall...............(pause).............of the 5th round !

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  5. Do yorselves a favor. Listen to AM 1270 The Fan. Rich Gaenzler does a great job middays. Guests everyday and fast moving due to multiple topics.


    And most importantly, he is aware that the Bills are working out and that the Sabres season is done.

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