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  1. WGR is just terrible I used to listen to The Edge for better football talk and better interviews. WGR has that "[insert sponsor name] hotline" and they just bring in other WGR personalities to interview. what happened to that station
  2. Thats why no one likes Meatball. Just answer the kid's question, don't be a douche. Meatball is a Yale baseball scholarship douche out of touch with regular Americans.
  3. yeah right. also, the guy's name is Venables.
  4. It was a bad throw. Allen had a clean pocket and Knox had to dive for it
  5. Terrible no call there If I was a Giants fan I would be furious today
  6. complete BS Cincy comes in here wipes us out and every one was talking about Hamlin and "the long year mentally" yourself included
  7. They are professionals, it did not affect their performance unlike what you and other posters are saying. let’s give credit to the other side for once, they did a good job shutting the offense down. the Hamlin excuse has been used way too much, every time this team has a poor performance since in fact
  8. just stupid. Give it up with the childish conspiracy theories and grow up
  9. Diggs deserves it, he’s the only reliable pass catcher on the team. AND he’s not an excuse maker. I wish we had a team full of Diggs’
  10. Where in the hell did I say anyone can’t have compassion? i didnt I just don’t want use it as an excuse for every time they play like garbage
  11. Yeah we know, we all watched the game dummy It’s a violent game, sometimes the ambulance is needed
  12. Oh God, more excuses … everytime someone gets injured now we have to hear this
  13. This whole situation with Jim Jordan has republicans in a head lock. back to the locker room!
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