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  1. Not great news for a team that doesn't have featured back. Cook isn't the answer.
  2. Me definitely. Baby maybe thrown off a bridge???????
  3. After watching the Dolphins comeback win vs. the Ravens I would have to say MIAMI.
  4. Perhaps we can shut their mouths in the Super Bowl
  5. The traffic was simply awful. Many fans didn't even get to their seats until the second quarter. Those fans missed a heck of a start to the building's history. Herb Mul-Key of the Redskins took the opening kickoff back 102 yards for a touchdown on the first play of the game. The Redskins went on to a 37-21 victory over the Bills. People were more enamored by the Stadium than by the Bills!
  6. You all know what I mean. Houston 3 years ago in the play-offs. KC in 2021 and last year. The defense just wilted in nationally televised games on the road. NO EXCUSES vs. the Rams.
  7. Thank You - but - I don't believe the refs favor any teams.
  8. I love Josh - but - he's lost 3 straight road play-off games!
  9. In 1993 the Bills beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh with Frank Reich at QB. It was their last PLAY-OFF win on the road in team history. Can 2022 be the year to break that streak??
  10. WBEN has learned recently that the new Bills stadium, once constructed, will feature a mesh-like exterior that is aimed to create "wind confusion". What that means is when wind hits the exterior of the building, instead of re-directing and finding other avenues to flow at full speed, the wind will end up dissipating significantly as if hitting a screen. In models, the effect of this exterior suggests that wind effects inside of the stadium will be minimized. Is this good or bad for our home field advantage??
  11. The truth can be a downer. We will miss those yards from Beasley and Sanders! They haven't had much sucess before with their type of zone defense. So - what's to change the results?
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