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  1. Maybe because the Bills didn't have a top 10 round pick? Because there wasn't any big name, nationally recognizable players in the top slots? How many DT's and CB's make a big splash? The TV coverage was way over dramatic, and it all seemed phony. Watching drafted players walk out to the main stage with all their gold chains, big rings and rather humorous suits made it seem like a bad episode of "Housewives in Atlanta"! Boring and a silly show by the NFL!
  2. The picture and sound were excellent - no freeze-ups at all. A very professional broadcast.
  3. If you don't have an Amazon Prime account you're out of luck. The Prime Video broadcasts aren't available through the regular out-of-country links because it's a closed network not ABC, CBS, FOX or the NFL Network. Tonight, I had to watch the Yankees vs. Clevland baseball game on Amazon Prime. No other channels could broadcast the game. They were advertising NFL Thursday night games on Amazon Prime. Am I confused? Are there other options? Opinions?
  4. For Iowa State players and fans, “Sweet Caroline” is synonymous with a home victory. But how, exactly, does a college football program come to roar Neil Diamond's 1969 pop song about Caroline Kennedy at its most jubilant moments? Sort of by accident. Mary Pink first pulled the trigger on playing “Sweet Caroline” in 2006, she said. The associate athletics director for marketing was experimenting with songs to play between the third and fourth quarter of important games — something to give the crowd a boost. She doesn’t remember how she stumbled upon the song that would alter Cyclone fandom for the next decade. It’s now become a music staple with other teams around the world!
  5. GAME ON TONIGHT - 4-18-22 - FS1 - 7:10 PM. At least it's football!
  6. watch kids enjoy the song at Univ. of Pittsburgh - - it's inspiring! It's fun in the stands!!
  7. Do you really thing Red Sox and Patriot fans care what songs we play during the games? They have a vastly exaggerated feeling of importance & superiority in the sports world. They could care less about Buffalo! GO BILLS! Play the song!
  8. I have to agree! Who cares about Boston/New England and what they play during games! We'll make them look like punks because our fans will do it better.
  9. I think fans that attend the games find it a possibility. No matter which teams (Penn State, Pittsburg Univ, The Pats or all the international soccer leagues) we'll be COPYING - -BILLS FANS WILL DO IT BETTER AND LOUDER!! Go Bills!
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