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  1. Here is a video. For less than a $mil Josh has privacy and a great place to raise a family!
  2. I think Josh is a modest person. I can't see him buying a $2mil mansion in OP just to look good!
  3. It's in the $800,000 range on a huge wooded lot with plenty of privacy. It has a great pool and a work out room. I can't give the street or house number but think about Lions out front! Welcome to the WNY community Josh!!!
  4. I agree. Maybe he believes the new edge rushers will make Edmunds look better running around in the backfield He's not my type of a Bills MLB either.
  5. Small size, lack of elite speed and less than dominate performances against the better teams in UB's division.
  6. Agree. Ever since he went after an official a few years ago about being held so much he never, ever gets those calls!
  7. Jerry Hughes as always! He works so hard and with help this year should get 7!
  8. Yes - I do. Back in the early 60's BOTH Leagues were drafting the same players.
  9. There wasn't an ILB in this weak draft close to his ability.
  10. Beane and the scouting department did a good job with the hand they were dealt. After the first 45 selections there just weren't many players left to get excited about. Trading the Bills 2nd pick in Round 5 for two #6's tells a story. The OT's will be needed as we're playing 3 pre-season games this year and injuries to starters would be killers.
  11. I did it because of the negative posts towards the GM as to WHY we picked the DE and OT in Rounds #2 and #3. Nobody seemed to get the weakness of the players available.
  12. The QB's all got so hyped months before the draft that everyone was led to believe they were great.
  13. A few decent QB's and some may be a reach for a franchise looking for a miracle. Not a RB rated in the top 30 picks. 35 of the top 50 rated prospects for the 2021 draft were underclassman. Players that opted out in 2020 due to the Covid virus certainly had less college snaps to be evaluated on. I'm glad the Bills stood their ground at 30+ and took the best prospect available.
  14. He caught passes before college. Maybe a huge blocking TE????
  15. I watched that game and still get sick to my stomach because of the ending. Joe was a great guy and much underrated QB. Happy Birthday!!
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