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  1. Levi seems to be the victim of close pass interference penalties. Teams are isolating receivers agsinst him for one-on-one coverage. Referees seem more likely to throw a flag on his coverage than anyone else in the Bills defensive backfield. I thought he played well and broke up several key passes by the Steelers. Yes, he gave up a TD, on a great catch in the corner of the end zone. Has he become, regardless of performance, the fall guy in the pass defense??
  2. High of 75 degrees with a Thunder Storm in the area. Wind 12 mph from the WSW with gusts to 17mph. Go Bills!
  3. I so agree! Just a sound, good tackling D will put us at the top! Thta's where the BACK 7 come into play. They couldn't do the job last season!
  4. That is my observation! Good teams can get past the front 4 and then all hell breaks loose. I'm not an NFL Expert - they get paid to make observations.
  5. The BACK 7 ARE the same. Mahomes was getting the ball out very quickly in the AFC title game and no pash rush could stop him. Again, the BACK 7 are the same players.
  6. I’ve been a Bills Fans for over 50 years. I’ve been through it all. IMO, the 2021 Bills can’t win the Super Bowl be cause of the defensive short-comings. The front four are a positive but the back 7 won’t win us games. If you re-watch the games vs. the Patriots, Rams, Titans and the Chiefs from last season you’ll get the picture. The AFC Championship was an embarrassment for our defense. Too many arm tackles, missed tackles vs. running backs and a play-safe defensive attitude will doom our SB hopes again this year. I wish I could write otherwise. Just being realistic unfortunately! I love the Bills!!!
  7. Agree! His wind-up & slow release of the ball eventually did him in!
  8. Fans nationwide get tired of seeing the Chiefs, Ravens & Steelers as the favorites in the AFC to get to the SB. We are the 'new guys' in the conversation!!
  9. An undrafted TE from Bowling Green. I never heard his name mentioned much in training camp or during the 3 pre-season games. Hollister was cut but this under the radar player made the practice squad. Quinton Morris, 6'2" at 252 lbs. What's the story???
  10. I lost my father before the Super Bowl run too. He took me to my first Bills game in 1960 at the Rockpile. I think I knew you at Amherst NY HS?
  11. I see the same strategy from Bills opponents that pound the ball for 1st downs. We don't have a MLB that can stand in the middle and hit people. If that's the scheme the Bills choose then we'll have to get used to some uncomfortably close games.
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