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  1. Read about this kid WR Kadarius Toney from Florida. Being compared to none other then that guy who burned our butts last Sunday. If he's still there at 30, I dont know how we dont as he's already turning heads at the senior bowl, definitely rising fast. Also, check the vid of him absolutely schooling a CB in practice the other day. Pretty awesome! I would be very happy with this pick. www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/top-2021-nfl-draft-prospects-in-the-reeses-senior-bowl-najee-harris-kadarius-toney-highlight-the-list/amp/ "When reviewing scouting reports, the breakdown
  2. You take it up with the ref. You don't bush league back, because what happens? They always get the retaliator.
  3. This not right. Stand up for our guys. What is Josh doing tossing the ball in his face like that? Cmon.
  4. Thats better! But sorry to say my friend, next year. We learned and grew a lot tho. Had a tough schedule, was a tough year for all but we did better then 28 teams! Im very proud of what we did and excited for our future!
  5. Ok, bro thanks for judging my mood. Whose turning on who here?!
  6. Not turning on anyone just stating his obviousness if you will.
  7. Whats with the outro graphic of Josh and pat fist pumping there? Its gonzo lol
  8. Even still, its about limiting him. Not sure how to do that, I leave that up to the coaches, but it can be done. Mahomes making plays while being hit is harder to control imho.
  9. Hated that decision. Thats on McDermott. That was super disappointing, Im pis*$&!!
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