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  1. I don't get it either. My next door neighbour (Burlington, ON) is a Dolphins fan, 2 years on and we don't speak. Tried to say hi shortly after he moved in (August 2021) and the guy straight ghosted me. Ok cool. He found out last season Im a Bills fan and now he trolls me by cheering loudly against us in any game where Dolphins aren't playing. Grown azz man, acts like a 12 year old with an obnoxious annoying laugh to boot. Would've been fun to have a rival next door, talk ball and trash but the dude would probably breakdown if I dissed Tua. Oh well, Im gonna have fun with him this season.
  2. Won't be cheap, at least a 3rd. Not happening at 19 now. Doubt we trade with afc opponents
  3. We'd have to trade to 19 tho. Next 7 picks are TE, WR needy teams
  4. Ya, hilarious supporting an invaded democratic country. 🙄
  5. Tells you what teams think about the wr position this year
  6. Ok cool, it seems like no one will jinx us again this year by saying we'll win the Superbowl. Yes, bad sports juju is a thing. How long have you been a fan of this team and how can you not believe in it by now? Just be quiet. Hope for a good season and playoff succcess, dont talk trash because it will always come back to haunt you i.e. Eli Apple. See you all in free agency. ✌️
  7. I hated Joe's argument, I found it was very disingenuous in that he didnt even factor in possible contract restructures that would create more cap space and fill the need of wr or guard or all 3. Having said that if we dont sign Tremaine and I hear people complain about our MLB sucking, I'm putting you on full blast. The only replacement would be Simpson from Clemson and Im not sure he is there at 27.
  8. "Mr. Frazier, thank you for all your hard work and service but we'll be moving in a different direction this offseason." - BadboyBills
  9. Yes, because maybe you didn't see it in but the first 2 TDs their receivers had like 5-10 yard cushions in zone, in a snowstorm where footing is bad. Even Romo called it out because its hard to race to where the ball is going when it's slippery. That's negligent. It's a reactionary defence in a game where man cover and press we're needed 80% of the time and a pass rush would've helped. Notice how when we manned up they didnt score as much? Overall, they didn't account for the weather in the game plan on either side of the ball and it showed.
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