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  1. Looks amazing. Need to get rid of the red jersey's tho and pair it with blue.
  2. Hell No! Red helmet with 90's blue jersey's? Sure. But the all red look is awful.
  3. Why does it feel like we have way more away games than home games?
  4. He can't play based on what? In his only start with the Bills he was shockingly good.
  5. Exactly. That's why I laugh when fans say that he isn't any good.
  6. He barley played in that new england game you're talking about. Lol He's a lot better than people give him credit for IMO.
  7. Is Barkley gonna be the 2nd string or 3rd string or is this an open competition?
  8. How can you say he's bad when his playing time has been so limited? How many games did he actually start with Buffalo? I believe just one game? And in the game he started he threw for 232 yards, had 2 TD's 0 Int's and had a rating of 117. That's pretty solid for a backup.
  9. Nope. I think we might be overreacting to no squib tho.
  10. If we hung on to win I'm pretty confident we would be going to the Super Bowl.
  11. Is Arrowhead even louder than the Ralph?
  12. It's honestly not that bad of an idea. Worst case scenario they recover and get the ball from around the 50.
  13. Our defense honestly sucks pretty bad. -No pass rush whatsoever -Aren't good at stopping the run -Lack a big time play maker in the secondary Honestly what is this defense even good at?
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