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  1. Bills need to go back to the red white and blue 90's uniforms. I think those uniforms were much better than the current ones.
  2. To be completely honest I was concerned about the pick after watching his highlights. There just didn't seem to be that many big plays on tape. Add that to the fact that he's undersized and I agree with Gabriel about the bust potential.
  3. Vegas only has us at 6.5? Damn they are usually pretty accurate too.
  4. From the draft footage Beane looked really unorganized. Looked like he didn't have a real plan and was just winging it. LOL
  5. T.O 6'3 213 Metcalf 6'3 228 40 yard dash T.O 4.63 Metcalf 4.33 Vertical Jump T.O 33 Metcalf 40.5
  6. He reminds me of a younger version of T.O Easily seems like he would've been worth a late 2nd round pick. Will be interesting to see how he turns out for Seattle.
  7. What do you expect them to do? Get down on their hands and knees and praise every single move the Bills make?
  8. Beane didn't have a problem trading up plenty of other times in the draft so why couldn't he do it again? My point is that I would've preferred to trade up for Metcalf instead of taking Singletary and Knox in the third round.
  9. People saying that he's not that good is comical. LOL If we drafted him Bills fans would be ecstatic about the the pick.
  10. You could say that about any draft pick though. Why did Oliver fall to 9? Why did Ford not go higher?
  11. He went in the late part of round 2. We took Ford very early in round 2. We could've easily traded back up for Metcalf if we wanted.
  12. This kid seems like has some serious talent so it's surprising he fell so far. Any word on why we didn't trade up and grab him? I would have been much happier with our draft had we traded up for Metcalf instead of Singletary/Knox in the 3rd.
  13. I can't believe we actually traded up for this kid. LOL Beane must be drinking.
  14. Trading up for a tight end with no touchdowns in his college career?? Another head scratching move.
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