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  1. Weren't they calling Allen a boom or bust prospect before the draft? It's funny because I think he falls directly in the middle of that spectrum.
  2. Just crazy this is happening over a hoax. If Obama was President nobody would even be talking about this virus.
  3. Wrong. Even if most are saying they don't care about not having fans it's still a legitimate question.
  4. Because watching a game with no atmosphere could be dull. Not sure why this is so difficult for some people to understand.
  5. Jesus didn't realize there's so many trolls on at this time.
  6. That guy must be smoking some good stuff down there in NC. Almost seems giddy to have the NFL without fans.
  7. Dumbest thread ever? Put your crack pipe down. I'll probably still watch but without any atmosphere these games have potential to be boring AF. To act like no fans isn't a big deal is just absurd.
  8. 6 games would be way too short. I think you'd need 10 at the minimum.
  9. The fans are one of things that give sports so much energy and excitement. Could you imagine the Bills having a home playoff game that would be played in an EMPTY stadium with no atmosphere? Hard to even think about.
  10. If they play the 2020 season without fans do you still plan on watching? I'm torn right now because without fans I think these games will be very tough to watch. Thoughts?
  11. Is this dude really that look? He doesn't seem that impressive for some reason.
  12. Agree. I did the same and came away unimpressed. Barkley is way better than Fromm. Not even close.
  13. Fromm sucks. Can't believe we wasted a pick on him. Why does it seem McBeane are so terrible at picking quarterbacks?
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