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  1. NJKBillsfan

    Bean at his Witchery, Again!

    Yeah but what did we even do with the pick that we got for Tyrod? Didn't we just throw it away anyway?
  2. NJKBillsfan

    Mahomes wins MVP

  3. NJKBillsfan

    Mahomes wins MVP

    Only the Bills could ***** up this bad. Only the Bills.
  4. NJKBillsfan

    Barnwell has Bills at 6 wins in 2019

    If he's right I'm pretty sure we'll be looking for a new coach and new GM.
  5. I admit you're right man. 50 touchdown passes and 5,000 plus yards passing is just terrible. He sucks 🙄
  6. So he gets confused on one play and suddenly he doesn't know how to read defense's? LOL He had 50 TD passes in his 1st year as a starting QB in the NFL. I'm pretty sure he knows how to read defense.
  7. Maybe because he's a damn good QB? Would Peyton Manning or Tom Brady not have worked had Buffalo drafted them too? That's simply not true at all. I watched a youtube video analyzing Mahomes and he is actually amazing at reading complex defenses's.
  8. Accuracy issues with his throws. Some throws were just way off target.
  9. I'm assuming it was McDermott and not Whaley calling the shots in that draft.
  10. NJKBillsfan

    ESPN has Jets taking Josh Allen 3rd in 18' draft redo

    I'm assuming they have it like this? 1) Mayfield 2) Darnold 3) Allen
  11. Does it really do anything? Allen worked out with Palmer last off-season and pretty much had all the same flaws as he did at Wyoming.
  12. The frustrating part is a lot of people knew Mahomes would be really good. I listened to WGR a lot before that draft and even guys on the station said Mahomes would probably be the best QB in that draft class.
  13. The key difference is Mahomes gets his production from passing the ball and Allen mostly gets his production from running. Realistically speaking Allen will never come close to being as good as Mahomes. Yep. Too bad McDumbass didn't just draft the kid when we had the chance.
  14. NJKBillsfan

    GDT: NE**** at KC 6:40 on CBS

    KC wouldn't most likely put them away before that.
  15. NJKBillsfan

    GDT: NE**** at KC 6:40 on CBS

    It's just funny that the real Super Bowl should be between the Saints and Chiefs. Will the NFL ever do anything to fix their officiating? The sad thing is probably not.