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  1. Hauschka played good last week but still don't know if I trust him. I think we should gives serious consideration about signing Maher.
  2. Maher has one of the best leg's in the league. Should we at least bring him in for a tryout?
  3. He should be cut within the next 24 hours.
  4. It is weird that the offense looked better last season with much worse players.
  5. I think they are having him stay in the pocket and pass more this season. Last year he ran a lot more which is where a lot of the offensive production came from.
  6. They are OK but I think the red white and blue from the early 90's were a lot better.
  7. Probably has to do with the way they are coaching Allen.
  8. Can we start a petition to never wear those color rush uniform's again?
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