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  1. Damn was really hoping to see Barkley play. We probably don't win the game now.
  2. I just made a post say the same thing. Someone replied and said we won't sign a QB because Webb is on the practice squad.
  3. It's Tuesday and we didn't sign a backup QB so I take it Allen is most likely starting on Sunday?
  4. If Tom Brady was so good why did 32 NFL teams pass on him 6 times in the draft?
  5. Yes but he's still showing the same flaws that plagued him in college. If he hasn't corrected them at this point he never will.
  6. OK you love Josh Allen and he can do no wrong. I get it. cool.
  7. Just because Allen has more raw talent doesn't make him a better QB. What good is his strong arm if he's so inaccurate he can't connect on the long ball anyway? Allen's not a rookie anymore.
  8. Is Fitz available? Maybe we could offer a late round pick for him.
  9. Yes he was. . He was bad the entire Jets game except for the opening drive and late 4th quarter. In the Bengals game he was not good either. Even John Murphy who is big homer admitted that Allen started to show regression in the Bengals game. Then yesterday against Pats.... well we all know how that went.
  10. Jets, Bengals, and Patriots he played bad for most of the game.That's 75% of games that he's played bad.At what point is there a QB controversy?
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