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  1. I don't have the official stats in front of me but I remember him fumbling a lot.
  2. The major negative about Yeldon is he tends to fumble the ball a lot.
  3. I'm sure some people like it... Just not a fan of it myself.
  4. Good Lord I hope not. Absolutely hate the red uniform's.
  5. Why do you care about any questions I might ask? Douche.
  6. If there was a re-draft with the following QB's what order do you think they'd get drafted? Josh Allen Tua Joe Burrow Justin Herbert Lamar Jackson Kyler Murray Baker Mayfield Deshaun Watson
  7. Made a post the day after the draft asking why we didn't take this kid. Got ripped for it. LOL
  8. Not sure I agree. I wanna win but this team is just so ***** boring to watch.
  9. It goes deeper than 2 losses in a row. Look at how bad his drafting has been the last 3 years. He has way more misses than hits. If you can't draft good players you ultimately will not build a good football team.
  10. Let's see how the rest of the season plays out. Not too optimistic right now.
  11. Beane has a ton of misses thus far. (Edmunds, Phillips, Oliver, Epensesa, etc)
  12. Also, didn't we have 90 million going into this off-season? What exactly did we do with all that money? LOL
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