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  1. remembersthegoodtime

    2018 Bills free agents not good

    2018 free agent class is absolutely horrible. Star- played on skates Sunday. Gaines- worse defensive player on field ( other than star) Murphy- few snaps McCarron- on other team Davis- inactive Bodine-back up Newhouse- backup Ivory- overpaid backup No faith in us having 80 million in cap space, just more ways to screw it up.
  2. remembersthegoodtime

    The Organizational Incompetence of the Buffalo Bills

    Definitely trade them for 3 ol and 2 recievers from the rounds 2/3. Especially after wood and incognito retire. Got two many holes to patch with duct tape
  3. remembersthegoodtime

    The Organizational Incompetence of the Buffalo Bills

    Understanding incognito and wood retiring didn't help. Would been nice to fill ol/wr holes with them picks we bundled for Allen and edmunds
  4. remembersthegoodtime

    [Vague Title] seen it coming

    No visionary, just looking to vent in the "safe zone". 20 years of " just wait till" . And we had great chance to become relevant, and blew it.
  5. remembersthegoodtime

    [Vague Title] seen it coming

    You would hope a team breaking a playoff drought, with 2first, 2seconds,3thirds in the draft, some cap space, could put something better on the field. I don't know if Allen is the "answer", but I know we need a "answer", without one you can't compete. Don't know exactly what front office could have done differently, but I know what I seen Sunday couldn't be the best 53 roster we could have. Allen and Edmunds may be Stafford/Big Ben, and kuekly, but they need to be to justify what all we gave up. Think about every year how we would love to have a extra 3rd/2nd couldn't imagine a extra 1st.( which we got by moving back,passing on mahomes, but getting our best defensive player T.White) all we have all these extra picks and they turn into just 2 players. Picks 20 and 22could get you that, and now you can use 5picks ,in 2and3 rounds to address all these holes we got. Could use all them picks on offensive line/wr and at least gave whoever the qb was a fighting chance. And had your young talent that (all/some) could might find groove at same time, then you may have something. Now we got so many holes, not even 80-90 million in cap space can fix. Be really nice using that with different decision this off season. I know season isn't over yet, don't give me that coach talk bs. You can see a 3-13, maybe 5-11 season, resulting in top 3 pick. Just disappointed in what we got, in exchange for the draft chips, and cap space we have coming up.
  6. remembersthegoodtime

    seen it coming

    I know you have to have a "winning quarterback" to have a realistic chance at plaoyoffs, forget about Superbowl, that takes a "star" quarterback. That being said I don't know if Allen will or won't be a franchise qb, but if a team fresh off nearly two decades of missed playoffs, has 2first, 2seconds,3thirds in the draft, some cap money, and can't find a way to put a product on the field, that's disappointing. Not sure exactly what should/could be done, but I know what I seen can't be the best. We may have 80-90 in cap space, but beginning to worry or realize we may screw that up too. Had such high hopes after last year.