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  1. 16 minutes ago, vorpma said:

    TBD NFL experts; hell yesterday we had someone post we should be listening to academics and statistics!!

    The Patriots are the greatest franchise in the history of professional sports - scouting, drafting, FA signings, coaching, QB, and most important (BILLS FANS), a winning culture - they expect and play to win. So TBD experts, think about that when you scream "fire everybody" when the Bills throw an incomplete pass or the "process timeline" does not meet your expectations!!


    Since 2000 no doubt ... all time, I'd look at the Yankees and Montreal Canadiens.

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  2. 6 hours ago, John from Riverside said:

    What ppl need to understand is that Josh Allen is not just a quarterback


    He is an athlete

    He is highly competative

    He is a gamer

    He is passionate


    I really feel like this is one of the reasons we traded up....twice......and took Josh with a 7th overall pick despite he was so raw......he genuinely loves the game and is wired for it....you can just tell


    This is the best QB we have had under center since Jim Kelly.......and it really has been Jim Kelly/Josh Allen >>>>>>>>>>>>>everyone else


    Love your optimism John - can't wait for next season with some upgraded weapons. 

  3. 5 hours ago, jrober38 said:


    Allen is the same guy now as he was at Wyoming. Read a scouting report. It's all the stuff you see him do on a weekly basis. 


    Guys like Allen never work out. So far he's done zero to change my opinion. He's the worst passer in the league in most categories and many of you are convinced he's the guy. I simply don't get it. He's a good athlete and he tries hard, but he leaves way too much to be desired as a passer. 


    If the team produces points and wins games I'll be happy, but we're not doing that. 


    Allen would be 6-4 as a starter had Clay not dropped the pass in Miami or Peterman screwed up the Houston game. Not too shabby for the toolbox he was handed.

  4. RIP ... 


    Damn, it's been a long run at the Harp. Don't live in Boston anymore, but I was part of a crew in the late 80s that used to get together for the games upstairs at the Fours 

    on Canal (before the Bills Backers). IIRC, the group moved over to the Bell in Hand and then over to the Harp. 


    Always thought it strange to have a Bills club across the street at the time from the Boston Garden. 

  5. 2 hours ago, Hapless Bills Fan said:


    Well, passing was the topic of discussion.


    It seemed to be generally acknowledged that a QB that is seen as more of a threat with his legs than his arm (eg Taylor) is not the franchise QB of our Sweet Bills Dreams.  Allen is a Great Ball of Fire and fun to watch the way he scrambles, but he needs to develop more as a passing threat to become That Guy.


    Give him a cadre of good receivers and we'll see. I don't think Allen will sit around all off-season and do nothing a la Manziel. I think he'll be watching tape, working out and trying to improve his passing, maybe with Jordan Palmer again. 

  6. 2 minutes ago, Nextmanup said:

    The vast majority of this board does not understand where Allen's game is, his limitations as a passer, and the fact that he remains a long shot project at best.


    They are easily swooned by his intangibles: leadership, competitive fire, and his great, gutsy runs.  Those are all fine things to have in your QB, but without really solid fundamentals, it's not enough.


    Allen has been this season who he always has been.  He does some nice things, some bad things, makes a nice throw, makes 2 bad ones...and it all averages out to "not good enough."

    He will likely be the same next year and he will not get forever.  


    I think he'll get more than EJ's 14 games, but he'll have to turn a major corner next year or else we'll move on, with or without McDermott as the coach.




    Allen is 4-6 as a starter and could easily be 6-4 if Peterman had not blown the Houston game and Clay catches the TD against Miami.


    What makes you think the board doesn't understand Allen is a project ?  Would we all like to see his completion % go up ? Sure, but I'd also like to see him with viable receiving targets for a year instead of Benjamin, Clay, etc. No one is swooned by anything but his intangibles are good to have.


    If the Bills somehow go 10-6 next year and Allen is ~55%,  I'm good with that. But he needs help.





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