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  1. 1 minute ago, The Frankish Reich said:

    And let's not dodge the context in which this whole "Pence can reject the certifications" theory.

    - Trump is openly pressuring him to do so

    - Trump's supporters are not so vaguely threatening him with execution (I'm not making this up; see what I just posted in the infamous "Q" thread) if he doesn't do it

    If somehow this happens we are into full banana republic territory. I don't think most Americans realize how dangerous this is, that the President is openly entertaining these takeover notions. Not just entertaining them; supporting them.


    And you think the Democrats condoning all of the Antifa and BLM riots while locking law-abiding citizens down is not moving into banana republic territory ?

    Just now, The Frankish Reich said:

    Nothing "early" about onset at 78 years old.

    But setting aside your failure to properly recite the talking points your little tweeters give you ... yes, a lot of Americans - 7 million more than voted for the other guy - think it's worth taking a chance on a 78 year old lifer just to get a corrupt fool out of the White House.


    Sorry you just lost credibility with your insult. Good luck to you with the old fool. Hope you get your open borders, packed Supreme Court, amnesty, college loan reimbursement and all of the other free ***** you want. Bye.

  2. 1 minute ago, The Frankish Reich said:

    And the statements of Senators who plan to contest the electoral certificates don't even mention any proof of fraud. They mention "unprecedented ALLEGATIONS of fraud." So because Trump and enough of his minions allege things often enough and loudly enough, I guess that's sufficient to overcome the certified results the states have submitted.


    No it's up to them to prove there's enough fraud to send the certificate back to the states. We will see. 


    As far as being a minion, does that make members of your party Pelosi minions, or Hillary minions or something else ? Basically your party is about ABT (anyone but Trump). I get it - I don't have to like him personally to approve of what he's accomplished in 47 months or so. Kinda like working for a boss that you don't really like but gets things done. If JFK had been running against Trump, I might have voted for him. But the Democrats are too far left now. 

  3. 1 minute ago, The Frankish Reich said:

    The VP most certainly doesn't have that right.

    You don't seem terribly well schooled on the latest "theory" under which Pence could refuse to count all the electoral votes. It isn't that he has the right to "reject" anything. Rather, it's a completely bad faith argument that goes like this:

    - The official certifications from the "contested" states (meaning "ones that Trump didn't agree with the results from") are in

    - The Repubs in those states had some of their state legislative hacks in those states purport to submit "alternative" certifications, appointing Trump electors

    - Pence is supposed to play act that he now has competing certifications. "Which one should I count? Oh, dear, I don't know. Maybe I shouldn't count either of them right now. I'll send the competing certificates back to the state legislatures, asking them to tell me which one to count by January 17."

    - The state legislatures (most, apparently, controlled by Republicans, although I haven't checked) will sit on these, and so their electoral votes will not ultimately be counted when Pence reconvenes the Senate on January 17.

    - Pence will then throw up his hands and say, "Geez, I goes neither candidate got the majority (270) of the electoral votes on the certificates that will be counted." That throws the election to the House, where each state votes as a delegation. And because Republicans control at least 26 of the 50 delegations, they vote for Trump. And the Senate (which they hope is still in Republican hands) votes for Pence. And, voila! Trump-Pence get another term as the Republicans cynically reject the votes of millions of Americans in those "contested" states.


    That's the plan. Really. Look it up. It is disgusting, and essentially opens the door to the end of democratic elections for the presidency in America.

    Who doesn't believe that the Democrats would do the same thing if they control the House/Senate in 4 years? But does Trump care about America and 230 years of a democratic republic? Of course not.

    He care about Trump.


    You are correct but by sending the certifications back to the states is essentially "rejecting" them. And election fraud is a far more threat to democracy than the VP doing his job. 

  4. 3 hours ago, wAcKy ZeBrA said:


    As a Bills fan it would be awesome if they wore Bills gear but let the hate flow. 


    How could fellow Democrats unleash their hate on such a great governor like Cuomo ? With all of the people moving out of NYS, think of all the room you'll have. 

  5. 7 minutes ago, The Frankish Reich said:

    We are not the ones urging state officials to "find me" 11,000 votes.

    We are not the ones urging the VP to ignore the constitution and the law by refusing to simply read the electoral vote certifications from the states.


    VP has the constitutional right to reject any set of electors from any state if he believes there was fraud. And I suggest you go listen to the entire phone cal between Trump and Raffensperger, not just the MSNBC sound bites.


    3 minutes ago, TBBills said:

    You can tell these repubtards are scared b.c they are on this site crying.

    Please ask us something factual if you want answers. You ask questions of things that are fake, that is your first problem.


    The only "fake" things are the MSM and Biden's win. This grifter with a crackhead for a son will never be my president. 47 years of nothing. Can't wait to see this loser's energy level if he takes office. Even if he does take office, I have every confidence that Biden will f*k things up so bad, the GOP will easily win the presidency back in 2024. Even Obama thought he was a f*k up.

  6. 8 minutes ago, WideNine said:



    Funny how all the repubtards that won seats down ticket on the same ballots claim that only the voter selections of Biden at the top of those same ballots are fraudulent.




    Ignore the fact that many counties where Dominion systems were used, Trump won.


    Not a single court case where facts and evidence needed to be presented backed these submoronic innuendos of voting fraud.


    Saying something patently false over and over does not make it true. 


    Maybe, just maybe, enough folks with a few functioning neurons know that Trump is a delusional, self-serving, serial-lying, criminal fraud and decided to vote his ass out of office.


    .....I know that for some Trump cultists they just can't imagine that there are millions more voters out there that despised Trump enough to want to vote him out of the WH.


    But, that is the reality and the facts of the matter.






    Since you are the resident election fraud genius here, do tell us about all of the Biden dumps in battleground states between 1:30-6:30am on election night. Tell us how Trump was up 700K votes in PA and lost. Go look at some of the probability studies that showed it was statistically impossible to overcome Trump's leads in WI/MI/PA/GA without cheating. 

  7. 2 minutes ago, The Frankish Reich said:

    Correct. We are the Patriots.

    You are the Bills, c. 2001-2019.



    Any party that gives millions in pork to foreign countries in a pandemic when Americans are suffering are not "Patriots" . What goes around, comes around. 


    Julian Assange just made bail - time to drown your "party". 

  8. 4 hours ago, Backintheday544 said:

    Republicans at it again. One senate candidate darkened the skin of her black opponent in an ad (https://www.salon.com/2021/01/04/kelly-loefflers-new-facebook-ad-darkens-skin-of-raphael-warnock-her-black-opponent/)

    The other one made his Jewish opponents nose bigger in ads (https://apnews.com/article/georgia-politics-charles-schumer-campaigns-david-perdue-7c80b107aeb3d381eff5d0e98e95493b)

    And Republicans say they’re not racist.




    So all Republicans are racist ? 

  9. 1 hour ago, Backintheday544 said:

    You really should be emailing or calling Trumps legal team this second! You seem to have definitive proof of cheating in this election that Trumps attorneys have not been able to provide in over 50 court cases.


    Quick, go, go, go. This is a national emergency and you seem to be the only one to be able to help!


    Only an idiot would believe Biden got 81 million "real" votes but since the people in power in the contested states are Demokkkrats or those who in bed with China, we will never know the truth. Why would someone like Ted Cruz put his reputation on the line to contest the election if he knew there was no cheating ? 


    16 minutes ago, Tiberius said:

    Sore loser! 


    What were you saying 4 years ago ? 


    Sheep like to be told what to do ... 


    I was a Democrat years ago when I lived in Buffalo when they were JFK's party and not aligned with the radical left. Only a party with no viable platform would have to cheat to win an election.


    Fact is Trump should expose all of the congressional lifers in bed with lobbyists and foreign countries in both parties so Americans can see what kind of scum they elected. Any party that puts $14 million for gender studies in Pakistan in a Covid relief bill for Americans with a bunch of other unrelated pork is amoral scum. 

  10. 2 minutes ago, wAcKy ZeBrA said:


    DONALD Trump and Prince Andrew are pictured posing with Ghislaine Maxwell in photos taken at Heidi Klum's hookers and pimps-themed Halloween party in 2000




    And ? Have any proof Trump was on Epstein's island molesting underage girls like Clinton and Prince Andrew ? 


  11. On 1/3/2021 at 2:24 PM, Backintheday544 said:

    With Trump just telling the GA Secretary of State to find him votes, can we trust the GA election?


    Maybe Dems should pull a book out of the Republican playbooks and just have the Senators show up even if the votes show they didn’t win. (Like how the GOP is having alternate electoral college voters in some states)


    You can trust the GA election just a much you can the WI / MI / PA elections with the backroom votes dumps for Biden between 1:30 - 6:30am. They using Dominion software - what can go wrong especially with Stacey Abrams at the helm ?

  12. 9 minutes ago, Not at the table Karlos said:

    He’s coming in to help with colts playbook.

     I can also say he has grown some over the last year or so. Enough that I want him on the team? Probably not. I’ve watched his uncle grow into a respectable person and I’ve watched chad start to change. 


    That's what game film is for ... if you have first-hand experience that he's changed, I'll take your word for it. There are plenty of other teams that need or will be looking for a backup QB in the offseason. 

  13. 7 hours ago, Hapless Bills Fan said:


    A friend of mine is a bit frustrated with her kid right now.  Said kid is 20+, taking a year off college, working part time but feeling aggrieved about being asked to contribute to the household (chores, $$).   Kid:  "I'm an adult now!  I'm an adult!"  Friend: "You can keep repeating you're an adult.  I can keep repeating I'm a turtle.  Repetition doesn't make it closer to true for either of us"


    One wonders what evidence you can possibly have of this guy's changed man-ness, OR of him being better than Barkley much less a top-5 backup.  'Ol Matthew Montgomery and his 30 yr old Hardly-a-Howitzer did contribute 6 of 13 for 164, 1 TD, 1 INT on the team that was the #1 D in football going into the game, which is more, more recently than anyone can say Chad has contributed to an NFL team.


    What does top-5 backup mean to you anyway?  To me it means someone, based on past record, the team can have confidence will come in and win at least half the games.  Matt Hasselbeck, when he played for Tenn, was a top-5 backup.  Ryan Fitzpatrick is a top-5 backup.  in 2016-17 Philly, Nick Foles was a top-5 backup.  Part of being a top-5 backup, IMHO, means a guy who has started in his time and proven some ability to play at the NFL level albeit perhaps not consistently enough to be a starter.  Derek Anderson up to 2014 or so might be considered such.  Probably Matt Moore.




    There is no evidence that he's a changed man other than Jimbo's word. Keep him as far away from Josh as possible - if he wasn't good enough to play in Indy the last few years under Jimbo's buddy Frank, he certainly isn't good enough for our team now. Simply a favor to Jim and nothing more. There's always the CFL this year (possibly) or the new league Manziel signed up for. 



  14. 5 minutes ago, Doc said:


    They should have known Stidham wasn't the answer last year after watching him all season in practices and in the limited (because he sucked) game action he got.  Yet they still went into the season with him projected to be their starter.  And I just can't believe that they planned on Cam being available until July and him agreeing to accept just $1M to play for them.


    And right now they're picking 15th (assuming WTF wins the NFC Least, otherwise it's likely 16th).  That's too low to get one of the top guys and trading-up higher to get one of the non-Lawrence guys, who are a huge drop-off, will cost them. 


    You may be right about the draft although they could move up a spot or two if they lose to the Jets. Quite a few teams ahead of them that need QBs as well, although they might have a shot at Lance or Wilson. Walter has them taking Wilson @ #14. 

  15. 10 minutes ago, strive_for_five_guy said:

    Besides his arm looking shot on the the field, he looked like a deer in the headlights on the sideline the other night too.  Whether by his choice or not, thinking he knows it’s close to his time in the league being over.


    You can bet Belichick/McDaniels know it too and they also know Stidham is not the answer - expect the Pats to draft a QB in the 1st round

  16. 28 minutes ago, ProcessTruster said:

    Watching him throw the ball, he looks to be pretty much done to me.   Looks like the injuries have finally taken their toll.  Guy had a great run.   Ride off into the sunset young man.  Go raise your family.  


    Agreed - Cam's done - something not right with that throwing shoulder to be bouncing passes in front of receivers.

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  17. 1 hour ago, Giuseppe Tognarelli said:

    The Ravens are win and in. This would be more of a move to knock the Colts out as they're the only team that needs help.

    There is so much misinformation in this thread! People, please just look at this:



    The mostly likely scenario to me is Bills win / Steelers lose / Ravens,Colts,Titans all win giving us Indy in the wild card round.

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